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    Help end Option Paralysis: Two gG4A Supers

    Which one is cheaper? Pick that one.
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    I would use 1Meg pots on wide range humbuckers. Having said that, I am probably not the best person to ask as I put 1Meg pots on everything. I feel 1Meg pots bring out the full sound of all passive pickups. But you should try both to see what you prefer.
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Some TL072IP op amps to combat the radio interference (cell tower next door) the reverb circuit is picking up in the peavey studio pro I just bought.
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Peavey Studio Pro 50.
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    Amp gets transformer rewind, still has same problem!! (Rant)

    Your tech sounds suspect if he thinks a power transformer will be damaged by selecting the incorrect primary configuration. Subsequent circuitry perhaps yes. The transformer, no. Get a second opinion.
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    What Gives a Twin Reverb Its Sound?

    Preamp design, speaker selection/configuration, and cab size. No mystery or magic here.
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    Best Small Gigging Amp No Budget Limit

    Try a Roland JC-40. I play rockabilly and surf rock mainly. I have been using one for a year and a half for my gigging and practice amp. I have had zero issues with it and it is lighter then most 2x10 amps I’ve used. The tone stack can be dialed easily to whatever sound you need. The reverb...
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    Dual Overdrive Advice Needed

    Says what it is on the can.
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    Radio Frequency Interference

    I live next to a cell tower as well. What you are hearing is the amplifier circuit demodulating the cellular signal to an audio level frequency. Power conditioning and other tricks with the power supply are useless. You can mitigate some of this by making sure the amp chassis creates a full...
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    Who do you like for pedal boards?

    I have a pedaltrain with a soft case I run off of eneloop rechargeable AA batteries. It is durable light and fairly inexpensive.
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    If they are not over the watts dissipation and sound good just use up what’s left. I don’t see a problem if you aren’t relying on this amp for a gig.
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    Talk me into vintage 6 saddle bridges, or out of 3 barrel ones

    Why go backwards? Block style bridges intonate much better then the three saddle, more mechanically stable then the vintage six barrel saddle, and have a noticeably clearer tone then either in my experience. Having said that, if you want the classic clankey, twangy, slightly out of tune on...
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    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    My Tele into my Boss RE-20 space echo (yes the 20) into my Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus. It is all I need.