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    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    I have to agree with you. You can be close but it isn't the same. Much like having a car with 3 wheels, it's almost there but not quite.
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    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    Great tip, thank you!
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    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    I think consistency is probably the key word with all of this. I'm not in bed with Fender but can only go on my own experiences. Over the past two years I've bought, 3 Ultra guitars, two AO Telecasters, one AV2, one Parallel Universe guitar and a bunch of Japanese and Mexican models. I've not...
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    Fender Limited Edition Player Telecaster Lake Placid Blue $549

    Also agree, there's a reason necks come tinted.
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    I think I understand the tonemaster amp thing now

    I haven't been here for a If it helps I couldn't give a rats ass that I can't fiddle with software etc That's precisely the reason I bought this amp. It's a plug and play, more than good enough, recreation of a classic tube amp. If I wanted to tweak and edit and download...
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    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    Almost every Squier I've bought has been rats with more issues than he found on this JM. You might think they're all defective or the QC has failed but that isn't my experience. I stand by my comment, one dodgy guitar doesn't mean they're all bad which you've implied. You make an interesting...
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    True Vintage Tele ?

    I have multiple guitars with the soft V neck. It isn't obsolete or rare by any stretch. As for the comparison? That Nocaster isn't special because it's better, any number of cheap or expensive guitars could objectively sound, feel and play better. It's the history attached that adds the value...
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    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    I did. But like I said, his mates reviewed the exact same guitar and though it was great. They have their own video with the exact same guitar. So what did he moan about? The headstock shape? Meh. The ground wiring? Meh. Tool marks and glue on the fretboard? Not great but not a deal-breaker...
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    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    One bad apple doesn't condemn the rest. Another channel reviewed the exact same guitar and thought it was great.
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    Vintera News?

    Will you be changing your username?
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    Vintera News?

    It can't be far off. I wonder what new name they will come up with. The line has been a pretty big success for Fender. Double bound would be a win but other than some new colours I'm not sure where it could go. Would they dare put rosewood boards on them?
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    Vintera '50s Road Worn Telecaster

    Answered above. I think they're doing limited runs now. I would expect to see something new next year. Hopefully even an offset.
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    Is this Legit?

    1st of many... That's a really great place to start. The Road Worns are killer.
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    How much for a Baja neck?

    This, I just wouldn't be interested in a 3rd party neck.