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    Swamp Ash blank - thank you, Australian Customs!

    I would fill the holes with epoxy and make a body anyway. At least it will have an interesting story. (I realize this sucks but i'm trying to make lemonade outta lemons)
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    …tempted…must…resist…Rivolta content!

    Wowser... I wish I had your will power. I do not know how you could have left without taking that beauty home.
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    Roy Buchanan straight into amp?

    I would love to know what gauge strings he is playing because he bends them like they are 8's.
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    NGD: Ron Kirn Barnbuster Esquire

    Congrats! This is a rare bird, I don't think I have ever seen another Barn esquire.
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    Fancy Snowblower

    This is great until that newly melted snow freezes into a sheet of ice. Although i'm 100% certain this is more fun than shoveling or salting! Fun story, we had a neighbor in Colorado who installed a heated driveway one spring when they redid their front yard/landscaping. They were SO excited...
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    Amazing Craftsmanship

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    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    <--- I have no idea what they are but I love them.
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    Questlove Drums...wish I could tune and play them

    Beautiful kit! We actually just moved into a house with a little converted space above a detached garage.. i'm beginning to think a drum kit may be in order...
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    Do you have any junk food weaknesses?

    Dried Mangoes I love regular mangoes too, but when we have a bag of the dehydrated ones it is very difficult for me to not consume them all upon opening the bag.
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    Can you get a Tele to sound like a Strat?

    Depends on what you mean by stratty... do you want positions 2 and 4? or do you want a bridge and or neck pickup that is more strat and less tele? If you want the latter check this out.
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    NGD HB TE-62CC Shell Pink

    I dig it man, sounds great too!
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    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    I am pretty sure the last time I had a cup of Folgers it was from an open 5+years old plastic "can". Same goes for freeze dried... god knows how old that jar of nescafe instant coffee was my wife's grandparents serve.
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    Bedroom amp question

    I would go with one of the champs personally.