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    After $60+ of lacquer and 10+ hours, ready to give up

    I agree . Lacquer is one of those things that needs a LOT of can't be rushed, and from the description of results that he is having, it seems like that is likely the problem
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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    I basically thought the same...until I saw a video on YouTube that demonstrates three different pickup sets from a company called 'Tone Specific'. In particular, their 'punch' set for was a real eye-opening demonstration of just how different pickups can be. Mind you...they are priced...
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    My favorite 'Hip' line..."they shot a movie once, in my hometown. Everyone was in it, from miles around" (I guess it resonates so much 'cause I was living in that same town, and had the pleasure of meeting a couple of the guys in the band) Second favorite- "New Orleans is sinking man, and I...
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    One of the most well-known lines in music history that most certainly has permanent residency within the cobwebs of my brain.🤔 "He couldn't read or write so well, but he could play a guitar just like ringing a bell..." - Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B Good'
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    "...he took off his fedora, stuck his fingers in the crown, pulled out twenty dollars and he laid that money down..." - It's A Fine Day (for a reunion) by Tony Carey
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    Are my frets screwed up or is it just me?

    I was going to suggest the possibility that your sanding beam was either too flexible and you were putting too much pressure on the middle of it...thus bowing it slightly...but then I saw this comment, and...I think you've answered your own question about what the problem was. I would never use...
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    What to do about a listing for a tele that's probably stolen...

    I was thinking the same...why can't you just take your guitar to Canada with you? Has it committed a crime that prevents border crossing or something?🤔
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    What makes your Telecaster "Yours"?

    I did something similar...I put a simple mailing address label under the control plate, another around the outer edge of the electrosocket cup, and the easiest way to pick mine out of a has a metal switch tip (don't see many of these in my area) also a round string tree, reversed...
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    Talk about snake oil ..

    That's you couldn't tell the difference between this and one that costs seven cents.🤔
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    Recommendations for an inexpensive small amp

    I once had a little Fender 'Bullet' amp...for such a cheap, small amp, (usually can find used ones in the $50 range) it was surprisingly well made and good sounding. They also have a push-button OD, as well as a real spring reverb. Wish I still had it, as it was probably the best practice amp...
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    Nut blank roughing

    I just use one of my wife's disposable fingernail files to get it 'close' quickly...then finish it off carefully with sandpaper.
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    I like being able to cook

    When it's cook or get very good at it eventually.
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    That's my current setup too...never have to worry about the cup coming loose, or the snap, crackle, and pop of a bad contact.👌...'bout as solid as it gets.
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    Actually...I believe it's technically called 'Imperial' or 'Metric' sized...The imperial sized one I got was actually pretty cheap, too.
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    Songs full of "whoah oh whoah oh whoah oh oh whoah..."

    Gotta agree. Knowing the storyline behind this one, I consider it a 'well done exception'.