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    Why do you do it?

    So that it's more, 'Tailored Made to Fit" opposed to, 'off the rack'. You have control over every single variable. To me that's the drive. Here's mine. It just had to be this way:)
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    How is Poplar to work with?

    I'm a huge fan of poplar in guitar builds! Ive built 2 Strats, 2 neck-thru Firebird 1's, and a couple customs. I predominantly use really old, reclaimed poplar. It machines really well. Ive had great luck with gel-stains on poplar. No preconditioning needed. Just sand to 80 and rub it in/off...
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    Tonewood Question

    Roger's dead on right with that:)
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    Heart Pine... What should I do with it?

    Thank you! I don't have any shots of it on this computer, but here's a link to the build!
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    Heart Pine... What should I do with it?

    Though it has it's own challenges while working with, heart pine's by far my favorite electric guitar species. The guitar in my profile pic is heart pine and my number 1 player. Enjoy the process, and don't finish-sand until the day you're gonna shoot it;)
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    Burl Walnut Telecaster is finally done!

    Great looking guitar!!!!!
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    Telacoustic adventure in padauk

    Clean, beautiful work!!!
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    Comment by 'imploration' in media 'Heart Pine Guitar Build'

    @Jupiter Thank you, brother!!!
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    A Million Word's Worth: Jupiter's No-Cut Challenge

    Hey, Your guitar is coming out GREAT!!!! I made a similar build if you'd like to check it out. May give ya some ideas:)
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    Paisley Tele

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Nice work, bud!!!
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    Comment by 'imploration' in media '20190307_200848'

    Bound neck and body= AWESOMENESS!!!!!!
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    First Tele, first real build, need a little advice

    Stewmac offers great fingerboards that are affordable. They are radius'd and slotted. I def think you should build your own neck, the benefits are totally awesome. Any size and profile ya want! Really excited to see your progress!!!
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    New member, first build

    I've always used titebond for frets and never had a problem with it. Much easier cleanup than CA glue, great holding power. Build's coming out great!!!!!
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    A chambered LPish looking thing

    Absolutely beautiful work!!! Enjoying this thread so much!