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    Grab a drink... SUPREME vintage Broadcaster tone...

    Well I like his style, nice tone.....applause applause
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    Fender Artist George Harrison Rosewood for pre-order "Extremely Limited"

    I'm a huge Beatles fan, I'm a huge fan of Georges too. Furthermore, I love Teles, however, I don't feel drawn to that guitar. I'm not sure why? (perhaps it's the darker color)?
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    Fender Artist George Harrison Rosewood for pre-order "Extremely Limited"

    I know George had this guitar for a little while, but he gave it to someone. I'm wondering why did he give it away? The story behind the Rosewood Tele
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    What's the appeal of Telecasters?

    It's the sound of a Tele for me, love it.
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    Having several guitars is confusing. No. 1 keeps changing.

    I have around 10 guitars, 9 electrics, and 1 acoustic. I swap them around and give them all playing time. Too often I think this is my number guitar, and then the guitar I play. I think the same, it's my number. Someone else has already said it in this thread. They are all my number one...
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    I remember watching this on TV at seven years old. Men At Work live 1983

    Colins is a great musician and a great storyteller also. Colin and I were arm in arm for a photo my Mrs was trying to take. She thought she took the photo and it didn't turn out............oh well
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    Custom Shop Tele | Who would I have to kill

    My GC Pleks every guitar they sell, every guitar I have purchased from them has been pristine. I have a Fender American Original series Strats 50s today as it happens ")
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    Custom Shop Tele | Who would I have to kill

    How many kidneys would I need to sell, or who would I have to kill for one of these. My idea of the perfect Tele
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    Web Sites You've Had It With - Any Why

    I am a webmaster, I've had numerous websites that I have built since 2003. I hate the extensive use of popups.
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    Hi from "down under"...

    Another fellow Aussie, welcome mate.:D
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    Beatles- Get Back Documentary

    A very good appraisal of the documentary so far, I can't think of much else to add except it is so interesting to see how they work up the song to the finished product. Very basic stuff.
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    Would you buy a current Gibson sight unseen today?

    I agree with those that say they would not buy a guitar they haven't played. With that said, I have purchased 8 guitars without playing them. I am a long way from any guitar shops. But do have a good relationship with a guitar retailer, every guitar has been 100% as expected. In response to...
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    Boomers- what are your one-liners for today??

    "The probability of that particular event occurring is inversely proportional to its desirability"
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    An Aussie in the house.

    Hi Jimmy, welcome....always nice to see another Aussie join.....Pete from Newcastle, currently in Grafton NSW
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    5 immutable laws of human stupidity

    Stupid people just don't get it. When trying to explain any simple concept, it's like trying to explain the theory of relativity to a house plant.