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    Beato - Most Complex Pop Song of All Time

    I stopped following Rick a few months ago due to the constant clickbait, but I enjoyed that video. As "jazz guys" we find ourselves feeling quite intelligent until some progression like that comes to scramble your brain.
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    Do you preheat your oven?

    Yes, it takes me 10-15 minutes to preheat the oven. Maybe it's an altitude/humidity thing?
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    Epiphone Classic humbuckers

    I have a set in my Epi SG. The neck actually sounds pretty nice, but that bridge pickup is terrible. They both lack a little high end, but a height adjustment can correct that. The bridge pickup is very muddy yet slightly spiky in the high end. I'll probably switch them out for p90s soon, though...
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    Affordable case for my HwyOne Tele!

    The highway one guitars are nitro finished, right? I've been looking for a hard case for my 50s RW tele and when reading reviews I occasionally find stories of finish damage from the case material. Just something to think about, though it's never happened to anybody I know.
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    Any recommendations for a pedal that has both reverb and delay?

    Another vote for the Boss. I believe Strymon also makes a reverb/delay pedal, though I haven't experienced personally and IMHO you could have two dedicated delay and reverb units for the same price and footprint as a Strymon.
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    G10 Gold, what am I missing?

    I've played a few Princetons with retrofitted G10 Golds. They are some of the best amps I've ever heard. I think it really shines when used to tame the high end of naturally bright amps, such as the stock PRRI. If the amp is already too dark or has too much mid, the Gold with make the problem worse.
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    Jazz Question

    With a lot of jazz standards, you don't really see a "chord progression," per se. It's more like a long chain of chord "changes" and colors that create tension and eventually lead to a final resolution. ii Vs show up all over the place to make use of that V to I resolution, whether as a...
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    Full open sounding neck pickup - not too much treble - any suggestions?

    See if you can get a neck pickup from the 50s road worn guitars (the older series). I love the neck pickup in my 50s RW and they can be found cheap due to people swapping them for fancier brands. I'd also highly recommend Bootstrap Pickups; they get a lot of love on this forum because they are...
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    NPD! J Rockett Blue Note

    I haven't owned any J Rockett pedals, but only because I'm not really a "pedal guy." I've tried a few of their drives in stores or with friends, and absolutely love them. The Blue Note (Tour series) and Dude pedals are the only pedals to ever make me reconsider my purist ways. :cool:
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    Which Strat To Buy?

    I voted Fender American Pro because of the two Fenders and the Silver Sky, I like the American Pro best. Never experienced the other three--too expensive, I'm afraid I'll end up buying one. ;) If I were in the market for a strat, I'd get a fiesta red Vintera. It doesn't fit your criteria...
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    Taking a Break

    I'm with ya, brother. The more I read about gear on sites like these, the less I care about gear. It's all just stuff, and nowadays I'd rather be practicing or otherwise living life. I click on this site several times a day, but rarely with any purpose. Simply killing time...
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    Monk’s Music

    Monk's Round Midnight is one my favorite jazz tunes. This is a nice version by Grant Green:
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    String Gauge (optimal) for SG?

    I've tried just about everything on my SG: 8s, 9s, 10s, 10.5, 11s. I've used wound Gs, pure nickel, flats, and balanced tension. 10.5 were my favorites when the SG was my only guitar, but now I use 9s. Something about an SG with standard 8s or 9s is just so rock n roll. :cool: I keep 10BT on my...
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    New Fender 68 ProReverb & VibroChamp Series

    The Pro is likely far too loud for my applications, and I worry about headroom on the Vibro Champ. I suppose I'll have to play it next to a Princeton is see what happens.
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    NAD: Waiting for the UPS Driver edition..Deluxe Reverb Mahogany

    How does the mahogany cab affect the weight?

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