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    We lost a fine neighbor Friday

    My condolences. Such a tragedy.
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    Do doctors still make house calls where you live?

    Not for many years here. My dr will do phone visits, though. A result of that which can't be named.
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    Alice's Restaurant

    This song is one that plays a special part in my younger years. I loved the film and the song along with it. Yes, I was a long-haired hippie, a folkie, I played acoustic guitar for decades before I bought my first electric guitar and I went on peace marches and protests. For all the difference...
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    NGD (New Gretsch Day): G2622LH Streamliner

    Really very nice. Congratulations!
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    Do you set an alarm.....or three?

    Now that I'm retired I only have to get up early for medical appointments, so I only set an alarm for those days. We used to have one come on every morning because the radio station it was tuned to played nice, relaxing classical music, but they changed their format and so we stopped doing that...
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    I have a love for Lynyrd Skynyrd for some reason, which surprises me. I don't know why, nothing special, but I just really enjoy their music.
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    Small acoustic?

    Mrs idjster has a GS Mini and just loves it. The beauty of Taylor guitars is their focus on tone, and the GS Mini has a really rich tone to our ears, much more than a small guitar should have. Just my $0.05...
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    Does your hair touch your shoulders?

    I did until about 2 years ago. Mrs idjster managed to convince me (as we were spending a lot of time together) that the 60s were over. I have to admit that the feeling of wind NOT blowing my hair is different, but getting into the shower and out without spending ages drying it is nice.
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    Funniest TV Show Ever

    I always loved Fawlty Towers, but I recently bought the complete WKRP In Cincinnati series. Now THAT makes me laugh!
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    So i did a thing...

    Wow! Congratulations!
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    New Amp Day - Blackface Bassman

    Congratulations! It's nice when a dream tone can be realized!
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    Specific Guitars. The Length of Time You Owned Them?

    I went through a period of buying, trying and selling guitars and had quite a collection at one time. Most of the ones I have left (not many) are from the 2008-2012 time frame. The one exception is my main acoustic that I bought new in 1972. 12-string Norman B20-12. That guitar has travelled and...
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    I’m off insulin!!!

    Way to go! Congratulations!