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    Vangelis Papathanassiou - RIP

    Sad. I always liked his compositions. Rest In Peace.
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    Oops I did it again...

    Nice! I have a fondness for headless guitars. congratulations!
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    RIP Mickey Gilley

    Another sad loss. Rest In Peace, Mr. Gilley.
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    I said I was done

    And that I wouldn't be posting about my health anymore. Alas, this might be the last time. I've been dealing with cancer for about 9 years, but because of regular surgical procedures (12 now) I keep coming back. In two weeks I have another one - I have to have a cancer-ridden kidney removed...
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    A Belated New Tele Day: A Saga For Our Times

    Thanks for this. Great story and nice guitar!
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    Help me decide...

    I had an Epi 335 at one time that I just loved. Played and sounded terrific. And red, just 'cus.
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    Ugliest Band Ever

    Sha-na-na. Formed in 1969. Played Woodstock.
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    Very, very nice. Congratulations!
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    RCA coin operated hotel radio restored, converted to Fender Vibro-Champ

    Nice! Great refurb on the cabinet! Great work!
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    Who's good with heights?

    I'm not bothered by heights but I do like to do things safely.
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    What do you remember about grade school?

    Nothing. Best left that way.
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    Very nice! Play it and enjoy it!

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