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    Layoffs in Corona factory

    Having had the Player version of the Acoustasonic Tele for I would say his departure was eminent. Great concept. Overkill design IMHE.
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    What Is Your Guitar Missing?

    What Is My Guitar Missing? A good player . . . :lol::lol::lol:
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    I don't know if this is true.....

    Around that same time Urban Cowboy failed at the box office because people thought urban meant gay.
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    Will I regret buying a short-scale bass?

    This a totally laughable comment. Even Jack didn’t like his sound from that period. We used to call it his “tuba tone”. Seriously, it was about as appealing as a can of farts.
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    Bands or Artists From Your Hometown or Someplace You've Lived

    Michael Been of the Call & Barry Oakley are both from the same suburb south of Chicago where I grew up. Some of my friends had Oakley’s mother for a teacher in Jr. High - FWIW.
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    Paul Simon's strat...

    I can’t get any where with the link to the luthier interview. This might already be covered: The guitar was brought to PS to discuss how he wanted it to move forward. After playing it wanted to keep it exactly how you see it now. That’s how I remember it.
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    How do you like your graham crackers?

    Dipped in dark chocolate with a side of strawberries & whipped cream. :p
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    Cars you'll never own.....

    I don’t need or own a car thanks to public transportation so I guess the answer is - none of them. :lol:
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    What type of guitar did you learn on?

    What type you ask? 6-string
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    Tesla cancels the CyberTruck!

    And there's this:
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    Tesla cancels the CyberTruck!

    Then there's this:
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    Recently Discovered 1967 Gibson Guitars Factory Tour Documentary

    Interesting to see that I wasn't to only one to manage to get a screen grab of the color checker being used. And, no, it's not Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. More likely a random model shot with the skin color that the company deemed most appropriate FWIW.
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    A Belated New Tele Day: A Saga For Our Times

    I had one exactly like yours ACCEPT I think it was assembled from parts as it didn’t exactly follow the spec from Fender. All-in-all it was a good guitar and it looked nice. I just couldn’t bond with it. Glad you like yours.
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    The NEW Yamaha Revstar line up

    I always thought the Revstar line was pretty cool but, somehow, I just never bought one. Now, with the new line up, I'm running out of excuses: I think the Standard w/P-90's would be the one to get since I already have a guitar...
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    Death on the Nile

    I'll wait for the Critical Drinker's review. They're usually 10x better than the movie itself IMHO.