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    Mow your own lawn

    Always have mowed my own lawn and at nearly 75 still do. Also still shovel my own snow. I walk my dogs every morning year ‘round (and have for the past 14 years since I retired) and the one thing I notice is that for the most part the younger the home owner, the less likely that they will...
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    What was the first 12' single you bought?

    Well beginning in the 50’s I accumulated 100’s of 45’s and 33 rpm albums and later cassettes and CD’s but near heard of or saw 12” singles.
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    Another Grounding question…

    Safe? You really don’t think you are going to get electrocuted do you? You wouldn’t ever even get any shock.
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    What was the first 12' single you bought?

    I never even knew there was such a thing as a 12” single until this thread. Had never never heard of them or seen one.What speed did they play at? 45rpm?
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    Acoustic archtop strings

    I liked the Martin Retro (Monels) on a 1959 Guild archtop I had. Gave it to a longtime friend and neighbor a while back. He loves Guilds. Love those strings on my both my all mahogany guitars and on a few other of my acoustics.
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    Hello From Minnesota

    Welcome to the forum. I will say that it took you a long time to come to your senses and get a Tele. 😉
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    Hello all from Nevada!!!

    He sure isn’t. 🙄
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    I was born on a Tuesday.

    Monday September 29, 1947 Number one song - Near You by Francis Craig. September 29th also shared by Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Autry.
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    RIP iPod

    Have no idea really. But you have to consider that I have been accumulating it and recording it (my own and friends) for well over 60 years and some even came from my father's old 78's.
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    RIP iPod

    I have a lot of local recordings as well as my own and friends. Also a whole bunch of recordings done in the 50’s and early 60’s that were recorded in small recording studios on 45’s. Very obscure and likely only ever heard locally. Also from CDs that some of my friends recorded, as well as my...
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    RIP iPod

    Evidently you missed my post. I installed an iFlash in mine to replace the dead HD (was a 160GB Classic). The iFlash uses an SD card. You can use whatever you want. I put a 256GB card in mine and have over 34,000 pieces of music on mine with still quite a bit of space left.
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    For me it would be either a Jazzmaster or 335. Would be hard to pick between the two. If I could eliminate the LP then it would be both plus the Tele.
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    RIP iPod

    I have used an iPod since they first came out. HD died in the fist one (60 GB Classic) after many years. Bought a new one (160 GB) right after. After years the HD and battery also died. I bought an iFlash Solo to replace the HD. It takes an SD card. I put in a 256GB card and put in a much higher...
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    Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 05.11.22

    5-11-22? This is 5-10-22. Maybe should have been a backing track for Back To The Future or The Time Machine.
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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    So long ago that is is hard to recall the very first. Best guess would be Elvis Presley - Hound Dog. But could have been either Ricky Nelson - Be-Bop Baby or Buddy Holly - That'll Be The Day. I had 100's of 45's back then. 45 cases full of them.