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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    a weightlifting & exercise program. 20-35 yo dude should be capable of hauling a twin.
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    "New-be" question amp noise/static (New to Tube)

    deoxit is the go-to . ..
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    "New-be" question amp noise/static (New to Tube)

    ^^ oxidation on tube pins is always first check.
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    shouldn't the logo be horizontal? leaving aside that thing would rip my fingers to shreds . . .
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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    it's all over now. a pale (pun intended) Pat Boonesque approximation of the original Valentinos single. & i much prefer Some Girls to most of the earlier stuff.
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    Should I strip my 73 tele back to the wood.

    do what you want. ain't pristine and perfect. might as well do what makes it feel most yours.
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    New Guitar Day turns into Scratch My Head Day….

    rocket science it is not. There's a possibility that the tension difference between 9s and 10s is that drastic, but i didn't find it to be so going from 11s to 8s, so ymmv. as long as you do not over-turn and over-torque, it's hard to mess things up on a telecaster. check the saddle...
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    Dead guitars

    unless there is magic happening, one has to think about this in terms of how the various physical, acoustic, and electromagnetics systems might interact. my guess is that the interaction between acoustic resonance and electromagnetic inductance and signal transmission is counterintutive: i.e...
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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    skimmed, so i mighta missed: but with that champ: get the filter caps checked and probably changed.
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    Help Me Decide, PLEASE!

    bad cat. or victory
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    these humans fing rock

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    The Big 4 Of The Greatest Songs Ever

    oh good grief one of these blowtorchesque things again . . . ok. chic good times madonna like a prayer p-funk flashlight beegees stayin alive JBs funky drummer
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    Why does the Squier Bullet sound so good?

    tell that to tommy tedesco or glenn campbell . . .
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    The 1st time I went over 100mph was in a...

    69 roadrunner to & from Tucson from Fort Worth. My mom driving. 1 return trip that thing was pegged to 120 all the way to Abilene cuz we had to get to the airport (the one before DFW opened) to pick up my sister getting back from Europe. From then on in she dropped down to a respectable 85.
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    All bodies on bikes.

    a 2014 aussie cycle works ti frame, sram force 22 stuff, everything else enve (either 6/7s or 7/8s). Sneaking up on 55k miles.

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