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    NGD: Squier Classic Vibe Custom FSR Black (NOS 2013)

    Hi Ian, you're welcome, I am looking forward to hearing from you about your mods!
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    NGD: Squier Classic Vibe Custom FSR Black (NOS 2013)

    Hi there, I still have it and will probably have it forever :) I keep it stock, no change except Fender 3way switch and fender knurled knobs. No need to change anything else. I also had 2 CVC MiC sunbursts but I sold them, I didnt see a reason to keep them as this black is just perfect. BTW the...
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    Princeton Reverb random "pops" help?

    Faulty power tubes?
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    NAD: Keep or Return? - ‘57 Custom Deluxe

    Isn't it just because of a speaker used? My recent experience with 57' Champ RI is that speaker changes the amp's tone from dark and woody (Weber smooth cone) to bright and spiky (Jensen RI ribbed cone). It's said that the Champ is "baby" 57 Deluxe, so maybe it is the case? I'd say keep it...
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    Champ 600 Owners Club

    I think the very specific cabinet shape is also something which counts in the way it sounds. Speakers just move the air back and forth, so the thick baffle resist the air flow a bit, also semi open back has its influence. I'd say Fender did it right, the amp sounds full and bigger than is...
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    Champ 600 Owners Club

    It depends on what sound you expect from that amp. I have changed the grill cloth and tried various speakers (Jensen MOD, Jensen P6V, Weber AlNiCo) and eventually I put the grill cloth and the stock speaker back. I liked it that way the most. I think I like that woody champ tone and for clean...
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    PSA: Laney Cub-8 at GC, $220 still sells them (Cub 8) with a new tolex: Link They look like the new Cub Super line, but Cub 8 is probably exclusive reissue of the same old Cub 8 amp just for Thomann. I had one and I'd say it is just a 5F2 take from Laney. Sounds bit boxy due the open back cabinet and not much...
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    AlNiCo III 3, what do you think?

    ToneRider AlNiCo III Hot Classics (or Nashville 50s) are bit overwound, so this also makes difference. These are bit more round and midrangy sounding, very good for overdrive. The AlNiCo III might be the weekest magnet, but the wire gauge and (over)wound contributes to its final characteristics...
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    Show Your First Guitar

    My first electric guitar around year 2000, at my university dorms. It was Jolana brand strat type with two humbuckers. I was saving up money to get it, but it was quite cheepo instrument, I sold it in few months and went back to acoustics. It took me another 15 years to enter electric guitar...
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    Ok, I confess, I may have a problem... SAS (string acquisition syndrome!) :o

    Haha, I think in my case it's a habit to collect various resistors, pots, caps and guitar wiring material. But for sure it's less than 500€ :D
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    Mark Lanegan - RIP

    RIP Long gone day :(
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    For All Those In Different Countries Not The US

    No larger shops nearby, even in our capital Prague, Czech rep. there are only few bigger shops. So it is difficult to just visit a shop and grab some quality guitar. Or visit some pawn shops and grab some hidden gems for cheap :) Not existing here.. However there are big big web shops around...
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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    BOSS SD-1 is probably my favorite pedal. The MIT version was my first OD pedal bought, now I use 1981 version with NEC chip and yellow stripe diodes. It's bit more edgy then the regular version, less compressed.
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    BOSS SD-1 (1981)
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    BOSS SD-1 (1981)

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