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    I like reading tutorials better than watching them.

    David Hamburger’s YouTube channel, Fretboard Confidential, is a wonderful exception. Here’s an example:
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    Open Mic in Branson: a photo essay

    Thanks, Elihu. In a few seconds of serious research, I learned that some tail wearers are are Therians. The alleged requests for litter boxes in school restrooms may be propaganda aimed at discrediting Furries, who may also wear tails for reasons different than Therians...
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    Open Mic in Branson: a photo essay

    He’s about 80 and not in good health, but pushes himself to go out and play two or three nights a week. He’s the best picker on the stage.
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    A little clay?

    I helped my little son with a science project in elementary school. We took soil samples along 21st Street in Tulsa about every 500 feet, starting at the Arkansas River and walking east to Utica Square. We looked at the size of the grains of dirt and noticed that they became smaller as we got...
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    Open Mic in Branson: a photo essay

    That’s the same one the guy with the headband is playing in another photo.
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    Open Mic in Branson: a photo essay

    We didn't play and only paid into the tip jar. But it was a nice anniversary dinner, and we're still happy to be together.
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    Open Mic in Branson: a photo essay

    The telecaster of the guy seated is actually paisley-ish pink. I own a creamy MIM tele with a maple fretboard, which looks great to me.
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    Open Mic in Branson: a photo essay

    Come on over early and we’ll work up a couple of tunes.
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    Open Mic in Branson: a photo essay

    There's an open mic on Wednesday nights about five blocks east of my house in Branson, Missouri, at the Paddlewheel Pub, a floating restaurant on Lake Taneycomo. For an open mic setting, it is hard to beat, with a nice breeze off the lake. The guys who run it are friendly and welcoming...
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    Interesting musings on wood...

    Woodford's amazing skills in lutherie and his erudite and hilarious narrative have made me a satisfied subscriber to his YouTube channel.
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Exactly the same Colorado Springs late spring weather I encountered at my son’s outdoor graduation ceremony at Colorado College in 2003.
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    What's Your Dream Guitar?

    Four years ago, my friend Rick died of pancreatic cancer. I helped his wife make an inventory of about 25 instruments, mostly guitars. She has only sold a few. This morning, she texted me to ask if I would keep this Gibson ES175 for an indefinite period ”to see whether I like it.” I think it’s...
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    If Chicago Had Been a Power Trio

    The problem with guitars in a horn band is that the horns play so loud that the guitars are barely heard. Kath had enough power to break through at least part of the time.
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    Hello all from Nevada!!!

    You’re not old in this crowd. Welcome.
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    I’m really interested in hearing your melodic ideas. I don’t have any formal training in theory, so I’m presenting only my understanding, not informed analysis. Ordinarily, a chord progression will move to the V (in your case C#) to create a kind of tension that is resolved by returning to the...