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    Recommend an inexpensive Spray Gun?

    Im a painter.... I have iwata, develbiss, eastwood, CH. My favirite hvlp spray gun is my harbor freight 20oz .cheap as they come, work great for color and 2k clear. After 30 years ive come to realize.... a $350 spray gun dont make you a better painter.
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    NGD! Univox Hi-Flier Phase 3

    Nice Any idea the value of these univox guitars.? I just finished my Univox lp
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    Univox lp

    Thats just spray paint... Black and gunmetal marble on top and back Gunmetal and silver around the edge. The clear coated with a eurathane 2k clear The finish is durable so dont "need" a pic guard but some prefer with.... i cant decide.
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    Who still has an equipment rack?

    Saw zztop at casino rama last year. Billy told us that.. "never in his life has he seen such an amazing sound system". "The newest and best of everything." Then told them to remove it all. He brought his own equipment and set up his 20 year ol equipment. Lol
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    Univox lp

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    Univox lp

    I just finished this build. 73 univox les paul. I cant decide if i should go with a pick guard or not. I hate to hide my paint job lol
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    Creating a logo on the guitar body with a stencil?

    I make my own stencils all the time out of vinyl tape or masking tape. place the tape on a peice of glass, draw what u want on the tape , vut it out with a razor balde and apply it to the guitar surface. then us a spray can or air brush to apply the color
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    Matte finish and bed liner finish

    the spray can truck be liner from walmart goes on thin , no need to mask it . The trick to TBL is to mix it well for several minutes, warm up the can by placing it in hot tap water for a while, then spray 15" + away from the surface... i dont know of an satin or matte clear, I usually add...
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    I give up... HELP

    Thank you 13ontheB its one of my favorites... here a shot of the neck with the burst as well. I think my GF might shoot me if I sell this one. she likes to show it off
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    cracked neck - fix with hide glue and dye?

    Ive repaired a lot of broken and cracked guitars. Titebond wood glue has always been perfect. Never failed and for smaller cracks it can be thinned slightly, i normally separate the crack as much as possible and wedge it open, push the glue it in with a qtip and tooth pics cant reach. Ive...
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    I give up... HELP

    Thats what use as well as a few soft brushes, sometimes the air brush to
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    I give up... HELP

    its not a real wood grain. Ive done a couple BOLD faux wood grain like that before.. Its a faux wood grain like the one I did on my strat body. its pretty easy with the right tools . For the BOLD faux grains you use the brush after to exaggerate the grain.
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    Acrylic finish (What could be wrong?)

    with that much clear from a spray can with no hardening agent, it will never harden completely on the first 23 coats/layers your paint will always be soft and not durable at all. the key to a hard durable finish is less layers dont worry about the finish, the gloss comes from wet...
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    Why NOT nitro? Why NOT enamel?

    use any base u want... enamel, lacquer.. buy a clear with a hardener and don't worry about a fragile finish Alsa corp and DuPont make a 2K clear ( 2 part automotive urethane) in a rattle can. spray your base then clear it and polish it.
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    Goodbye Speed Channel...

    two wheel Tuesday and wings and water Wednesdays. once that was gone it was the nascar this and that and boring... I wont miss it.