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    Best small blender for smoothies and high-calorie recipes

    I’ve never used a quiet blender. would see if a magic bullet suits your needs. simplest smallest solution. Ninjas are great but large footprint and it’s not the easiest task to 100 percent clean the pitcher and blades.
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    This thread is rife with misinformation. All these helmet and pad recommendations are interesting I wonder if you could count how many photos in a recent issue of Thrasher depict a skater with a helmet or pads (not on a vert ramp). Knee and elbow pads are only used to safely bail and slide down...
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    Grew up skating. Wouldn’t recommend trying to pick it up as an adult. The inevitable act of falling even going slow on a longboard is as dangerous and difficult as any high end athletic endeavor. I went to college with a girl from PA who always claimed she was a Snowboard instructor and...
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    I don't want to sharpen my knives

    If you keep your knives in a block it’s likely that you prepare food poorly. Correlation not causation. Chefs would tell you to buy a bunch of cheap paring knives and a generic chefs knife. Theyre maintained the same as expensive knives. There is no shortcut to knife maintenance. You’re not a...
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    The stigma of yoga

    im 37 OP is so far out of touch he doesn’t realize that dudes take yoga classes to pick up women.
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    Bone Broth, anyone drink it?

    Yes. It’s good for you if well sourced. But it’s not some kind of wellness force multiplier. More of a way to fill in holes in the average modern Western diet. I don’t recommend cooking with it. Has a distinct flavor that can mess with standard recipes. Approach it as a savory, satiating tea.
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    Which cheap used Boss multiFX model?

    I said “schooners of New.” You even quoted it.
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    You say you’ve never seen Paul McCartney at The Cavern with David Gilmour on Telecaster?

    Not into it. The sum is less than its parts in this case.
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    The Merits of Cast Iron

    At no point did I criticize -anything- but exaggerated claims of exclusive cast iron use. In many cases it’s the culinary equivalent of bragging about taking the long way home.
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    The Merits of Cast Iron

    What grade would a professor of logic give this sentence?
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    The Merits of Cast Iron

    For every meal -actually- prepared on a cast iron pan in real life, three people with no formal culinary training post online proclamations about cooking exclusively on cast iron. Here, that ratio may bump up several magnitudes. You’re not on the Oregon Trail, use the right tool for the job.
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    New (To Us) Food

    Fish sauce and msg powder just like your favorite restaurant.
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    Which cheap used Boss multiFX model?

    If I lived in Wollongong again I’d say money would be better spent on schooners of New at North Gong Hotel.

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