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    Go have fun. Sing your a$$ off. And end with this one:
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    Pin stripe or no?

    Make sure you bring plenty of singles! 😜
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    Tone Specific pickups

    Linda Lou has the same thing goin' on - hot single coil bridge (Pretzel) and hot P90 neck. Bootstraps. $60 for the pair. They also make humbuckers, about the same price. And they will mix n match, no problem. This combination I'm running sounds delicious and delivers for country, rock, blues...
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    Just musing...

    Once my boys were old enough to start dating, I told them that when it comes to girls (or boys for that matter), there's 3 things to consider: LOOKS, PERSONALITY, AND BRAINS. PICK TWO IF YOU'RE LUCKY. What that equates to @ guitars might be ... VISUAL ATTRACTIVENESS, SOUND, AND FEEL. AGAIN...
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    What Blues Needs…

    There are so many weird and wonderful things surrounding "the blues" these days. Some folks think the only "real" blues is the old gutbucket delta stuff played by long-dead sons of sharecroppers. Muddy and Buddy and a whole host of other blues greats came north and west to spread the gospel and...
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    Best song title ever

    You ever notice they don't do "The Name Game" with Chuck? Or Horatio? Or Art? Hmmm ...
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    Best song title ever

    Wasn't there another one titled "I Gave Her The Ring And She Gave Me The Finger"?
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    50th Anniversary of Machine Head

    Machine Head. One of the best albums EVER, not jut rock, but ALL genres. "Lazy" is amazing, as are all the cuts. Instead of saying "It's been 50 years - where has the time gone?", I ask "Where is the new generation of rockers?" John Mayer? Lenny Kravitz? Please ... But I kinda like this guy...
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    Embarrassingly Simple Computer Question...

    And once you "block sender," there's a box you can check in junk email preferences that immediately permanently deletes anything that's marked as "junk." Be forewarned - this will help clear out your junk email, but it might delete something that's NOT junk that accidentally ends up there. Your...
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    N(Harley)Day Not a Benton!

    ^^^^Phones are the biggest timesuck ever, and when you combine that with a dangerous situation where you need to be on top of your game such as driving, it's a recipe for disaster. That would keep me off 2 wheels if anything else didn't. My 20-year-old does plenty of online recreating...
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    N(Harley)Day Not a Benton!

    So ... does Buck Rogers have one in red? Cool bike BTW!
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    Poll: Runcible

    Runcible rock stars speak of "The Pompitus of Love."
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    What Blues Needs…

    We'll be sure and tell all the "new guys" to stay off your lawn.
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    What Blues Needs…

    First time "Pride and Joy" came on the radio in my car I had to pull over. I couldn't believe how incredibly righteous it sounded. Became an instant fan. Like Mr. Fiesta, I followed his smoke from afar with great interest. Sucked that he died when he did, after getting his act together and with...
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    Here ya go: Electrosocket + Pure Tone jack. Best of both. Amazon @ $12. No brainer.

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