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    James Burton has kidney cancer!?!

    I was watching a Shreveport news broadcast earlier today. Mr Burton is not doing well; he's recovering from a hip surgery as RodeoTex mentioned, on top of the kidney issues and if I remember correctly the reporter stated his condition is serious. Prayers ongoing...he's a legend with an almost...
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    On this day of excess

    That's my plan for the next half day or so. I just worked four 12 hour days, we're on our feet a lot too-- and I have to get up so early that sometimes I lose sleep worrying about oversleeping (which has not happened in 14 months). After every "set" it takes me about a day to rest enough to...
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    Do you change your own oil?

    Not anymore. I used to do most of my own parts replacement and oil changes, but time and disposal became issues years ago. I still change a part here and fact, I'm getting ready after the holidays to order and install a new instrument cluster in my 2007 silverado classic. It's...
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    Did I just find “the one?” - Kotzen Tele

    Those are stunning; one of my favorite color combinations. Congratulations and hope you continue to bond with it!
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    New vocal mic day!

    Years ago I had an Electro-Voice N/D767 which was the best dynamic mic I've ever sung through by a wide margin. During my divorce, I inadvertently sold it with a trailer full of PA gear. I've been using Shure SM58s alternating with my EV Cobalt CO9 for years, and I suddenly decided I wanted to...
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    Is there an idiot-proof way to send video from Android to iPhone?

    It does appear that email works across genres, as it were, and is my best option in this instance. I tried to send an email to a friend the day I recorded a video of a song and was disappointed it didn't work; apparently there was pilot error on my part attaching the link. I've sent the same...
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    Is there an idiot-proof way to send video from Android to iPhone?

    As opposed to just creating a link and pasting into Messages or whatever directly from Google Photo? Bear with me.. I'm obviously the idiot in the thread title. 🤣
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    Is there an idiot-proof way to send video from Android to iPhone?

    I mean videos that I've recorded, like brief acoustic songs, or dog foolishness. Short ones and youtube videos seem to transfer ok, but the other day I recorded a song, shared it from Google Photo according to instructions on the internets-- and only one of four iPhone users received it...
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    Heater on or off at night?

    67-68 F if I'm at home and not sleeping; 64 or so during sleep time. Two big dogs and me in a closed bedroom means it'll get gradually warmer through the night (or day, if I'm working graveyard). By the time we get up, sometimes it's 68 to 70 degrees in my room.
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    Do you set an alarm.....or three?

    One of my pharmacy tech jobs was at a hospital on straight nights for about nine years, 7 on/7 off. I loved it...only working six months out of the year. Going from that to a Monday-Friday 8 to 5 was the most unpleasant change of schedule I ever experienced; suddenly I had what seemed like zero...
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    Pepper Season Ended Today in Pittsburgh

    Those are beautiful! Nice work. I was fortunate enough to grow up around vegetable gardens of various sizes, and I do love fresh produce. Many a time I'd go out and pick a tomato, cucumber, or some kind of sweet pepper, just brush the dirt off and eat whatever it was right then.
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    Do you set an alarm.....or three?

    My dad was like Jack Reacher in that he could visualize a time he wanted to wake up, be it 5 am to go hunting or 7am on weekends, and that's when he woke up. I always envied him that ability; never once did I know dad to own an alarm clock of any kind. Left to my own devices, I'll sleep till I...
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    Name a Sports Hero/Athlete choice of yours:

    Sports heroes, I have two: Nolan Ryan and Earl Campbell, both of whom get extra credit for their namesake line of meat products. Sports personality? Shaq by a landslide.
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    NDD K-9 content

    Welcome, Tuffy! Awesome name, as it was the name of Merle's terrier immortalized on the headstock of the Tuff-Dog Tele! A dear friend of mine (with whom I just reconnected after 13 years) has two Doodles. She and her family had Labs before, and got the Doodles because they don't shed much...
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    Do I need a resonator guitar?

    Refer to my first post; I thought the included video might explain that. I don't play slide, so I'm interested in an instrument playable in standard tuning by flat picking, that might approximate the sound and sustain of a dobro-- as shown by the late great Jimmy Capps there.