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    A nice mother Labrador and puppy video

    Sorry, I meant both...Retrievers in general. 🙄 I had been at work twelve hours when I posted LOL.
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    A nice mother Labrador and puppy video

    Great video--dogs are amazing. I have found dogs to possess varying levels of sentience, depending on a whole lot of factors. Labs seem to be near the top of the list in that regard.
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    NGD A.V 59 maple board!

    Wow, that is a great-looking guitar! Made me immediately think of Buddy Holly for some reason....:cool:
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    Wacky Wooppecker

    Occasionally I'll hear one pecking on the top of a pole mounted transformer at the corner of my front yard. It makes a startling metallic hollow ring, but it's also the unmistakable woodpecker cadence. Very weird. First time I found a spot where I could actually see him doing it, I couldn't...
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    Yes, if you have a're probably gonna have to let them go eventually. RIP Rocket, 2009ish-2022.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. IME, few life events are worse than losing a beloved dog.
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    Your Personal Tone

    I'm in a classic country cover band, and I jam informally with a friend who does Eagles, John Denver, Moody Blues, and runs the gamut. For all of that, I make my tone approximate the original as best I can. But personally I'm after this kind of tone, and I've been chasing it unashamedly for...
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    Squier Affinity pickguard source?

    Well, I removed my existing pickguard and took it to the local music store a few days ago, to see if Fender guards even came close to matching the screw holes and general fit. Turned out they had one pearloid guard that looked to be a perfect fit when we compared the two. I wish it was a bit...
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    I like being able to cook

    I have always grilled, and been able to cook a good breakfast and the like, pretty much all my adult life. I started cooking good easy meals in earnest after my second divorce. I try to keep dishes under about ten ingredients, and I use easy-to-not-f-up cuts of chicken like thighs, they are...
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    Parker Fly

    Here's a picture you might not have seen before. There was supposedly an artist endorsement deal, but I never saw him with one other than on this album cover.
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    Darwin remains hard at work

    Good lord. This is why I have dogs. Although they have the ABILITY to kill me... Flash and Ava don't have the INCLINATION. That's a big factor in keeping pets vs. keeping animals in general. I don't want anything in the house that I would normally avoid.
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    Happy Birthday Bob Seger 77

    Like A Rock takes me back four decades, to working for my dad several summers on a water well drilling rig. We worked every day but Sunday, from before daylight until it got too dark to run the rig safely. I embodied the character in that song. I was in the best physical condition of my entire...
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    Got my Warmoth Yellow Tort guard, and it fits!

    This. It definitely works!
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    Wilt Chamberlain & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Airline Commerical

    Now Shaq is in every commercial :lol: Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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    Weight problem, like maths/

    Are you as think as I drunk you are? :)
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    Bicycle Thread

    I mentioned to my ex-girlfriend once that I wouldn't mind having a bike. I wanted an old school single speed, coaster brakes model like from a garage sale or something, but she got me this: At the risk of some ridicule from you guys with super expensive models, she got it at Walmart. It's a...