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    Meteora Parallel Universe Redesign

    I attached the SVG vector graphics of the design. For others as well, just to tinker with.
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    Meteora Parallel Universe Redesign

    Yep, the dusty end (of the neck). The pickup cavity is bigger than you may think, neck loke that would not fit like this.
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    Meteora Parallel Universe Redesign

    That not fit the design, the short bridge. It is a regular bridge sawed off, but black anodized. It will "disappear" morphing into the black polyurethane finish of the body. All left visible is the pickguard against the body from a distance, more-or-less. I did a quick blackening of the bridge...
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    Meteora Parallel Universe Redesign

    Yes, in the neck position is another tcaster bridge pup. Both are angled, the bridge position is traditionally angled. The one at the neck needs few degrees more slant to align the six polepieces of the pickup with centre of the six strings. A tele bridge pickup cannot be parallel with the...
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    I don't know how to play any Telecaster Music.

    To OP. I play bridge pup with 500k tone pot 0,001 uf capacitor (instead 0,047uf) to have the very high freq cut off, with tone knob fully closed to 0 all the time. Rotosound .12 set to standard B tuning. Can play Carcass Symphonies of Sickness grindcore, Immolation first two album. Sound legit...
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    Meteora Parallel Universe Redesign

    I am thinking about this two tele bridge pickup equipped, meteora body, with aluminium pickguard. I modified pickguard shape to align with bridge pickup poles. Therefore a sawed off compensated saddle, non-ashtray telecadter bridge needed, gotoh or wilkinson. The bridge will be pitch black...
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    How Many Of You Live On The Bridge Pickup Of Your Tele

    I use bridge for my higain stuff on my tshaped object, neck pickup works though but it lacks something the bridge have. With removed neck pickup cover too. My plan is to route a bridge pup shaped cavity and 4 degree more slanted place there another bridge pickup, more slant to align poles better.
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    Which Fender/Vox tube amp?

    In such cases try before buy Orange, Marshall, Laney. The solid state ones, with dual pedals like dual overdrive or boost into overdrive into SS amp.
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    The impossible: make Strat bridge sound like a Tele...

    First, teles dont have a builtin spring reverb in the guitar body. /s You dont need the tele bridge at all, but need the bridge pickup. Yes route the strat, tele pickup needs a damn huge cavity. Yes put it slanted in exact angle, otherwise it is a damn wide pickup and poles will overhang both...
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    Does this still count as a T Style?

    Just need another bridge pickup in neck position routed, middle position switch to both pickup series and call it Metalmaster.
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    Tone this a subject best to death yet?

    Tonewood the term invented by Gibson marketing BS. They sprayed BS so successfully, they can sell better? Just change 250k, 500k pots and play with values of tone capacitors 010-099 uf, in the cavity of your stringed plank of wood you can find them.
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    How long does your Tele stay in tune???

    I've been hunting for knurled knobs since ages until I find out at hipshot's webpage that their round knurled tuning knobs may coincidentally fit non-hipshot machine heads. :-) Then I gave it a try, it fits almost perfectly. Now I really have really stable tuning. I can knock the tuners over...
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    Experimental long-plate bridge, does it exists?

    Yes, I understand what you mean. Though I have seen experimental stuff where the same amp and telecaster body was used and the guy began swapping necks on it, each take miked. Less difference though when you change eq on amp or swap speakers. These are subtle differences, I am curious what...