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    NGD 1960 Custom Telecaster Relic

    What a beaut! Love the wide 2-tone fade. Congrats!
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    Leaving tube amps on all day?

    I've done it with no issues... and now I'm starting to wonder if I left the amp on last night... Its super quiet and jewel light is burned out... I guess I'll find out in about 5 hours... :)
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    Roasted pine body Am Pro II?
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    Any fans of the Vintera Teles?

    My experience/impressions with a 50s Vintera - Loved it a first. flawless fit and finish. Over time I felt something was missing in the tone. Replaced the pickups with Texas Specials and Bill Lawrence Keystones - both high quality pickups. Still seemed to sound a bit sterile or cold inspite of...
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    Fender nocaster 51 journeyman Relic 2015 help

    Also, the Traveler says "round lam or slab fretboard wood - none" so yes, one piece neck. PS - Congrats!
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    QC questions on new (and first) tele

    The high E looks like it's about to fall off the edge, but maybe its just the camera angle. Fret ends look like they could be dressed better. That neck pocket gap would bug me... This is a pretty expensive guitar... BUT if it plays and sounds great, maybe that's all that matters...
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    Dream Tele Incoming

    slightly lower highs and tighter lows... not that different, but I dig it. Maybe more balance between the highs and lows, but not miles away by any means. The more rounded tone mixes great with the SD Seth Lover bucker.
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    Dream Tele Incoming

    That's where I found the pic. Here's my sunburst Journeyman CS.
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    NGD Jimmy Page

    Congrats! Those are great looking guitars.
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    Dream Tele Incoming

    Like this one?
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    NGD! Richie Kotzen Tele

    Great looking guitar!
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    Beautiful, congrats! Black Tele are my favorites, but I have yet to find one that I like... :(
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    NGD - My 1960 Custom Shop Tele is Finally Here!

    Tricky business... I'd be afraid of screwing up the surrounding finish and creating a bigger problem...
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    NGD - My 1960 Custom Shop Tele is Finally Here!

    Ouch, it happens... You could probably find a marker in an art store very close to that color to make it less obvious... or not. Great guitar in any case.
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    Fender cs tele weight?

    My CS Postmodern Journeyman Tele feels great, plays great, sounds great, and weighs 7lbs, 6oz. I didn't know that until after I bought it and weighed in on my wife's digital food scale just out of curiosity... If we didn't have the scale I wouldn't know the weight, but in any case, its simply...

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