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    Mark Evans of ACDC playing a Fender Telecaster bass

    That model of Telecaster bass is essentially the same as the Sting Precision bass (which I own), a 50s type re-issue.
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    Solo Jazz Bass Kit

    I can give them a positive vote as well. I previously built a Precision bass from a Solo kit. Very basic of course. The saddle height screws kept backing out for no reason so I put some clear nail polish on them as a solution. The electronics were pre-wired. Mine had an unwanted noise. I...
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    In Praise of the Mighty Tweed Bassman (A Long, Sordid Tale)

    It's a beautiful feeling and experience to fire up that amp and get that certain tone. And the feeling never goes away :-)
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    The big "Show your mini amps" thread.

    (Bottlenecker post - My Champion 600 is going to be my four year old's mini bass amp for a bit). You realize that speaker will have no chance of surviving once the bass is played through it?
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    Bronco gets a P-'51 Cavalier

    Actually, I researched several articles in advance of buying. One of them - obviously wrong - indicated a straight drop-in. A case of you can't believe everything you read.
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    Bronco gets a P-'51 Cavalier

    When I purchased my Cavalier '51-P PUP for my Bronco about a 18 months ago, the info I had was that it was a drop-in fit for a Bronco or Musicmaster. I was very disappointed to find that the pick guard had to be filed out to fit the PUP. Then I was furious to see that the pole pieces don't...
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    Fairly new HotRod Deluxe seems to have lost output on the Gain channel.

    V2 preamp tube is the place to start. Swap it out with a known good tube. If that doesn't fix things, relays may be the problem but for sure start with V2.
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    Will a cheap signal generator get me started?

    I use a free App on my cell phone as a signal generator.
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    Another Bogen CHB-50 conversion?

    Every time I see a post about Bogen amps I mention this - there's high voltage DC on that terminal strip Rem#1, Rem#2. Ensure that gets disconnected from there.
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    Output transformer got heated up, can’t figure out why

    I've owned and repaired SF and BF Champs/Vibrochamps. The very first thing I suspect is the 6V6. I guess these days you have to be sure you're getting a proper, healthy replacement. Next - bias tests as mentioned, closely watching for runaway current - which I don't think you'll get with a...
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    1964 Deluxe (non-reverb) barn find

    That's the best 'find' I've seen on any Forum. What a great project. There's been many replies with many opinions on how intense the cleanup may be. If it were me, I'd remove the nest, do a decent cleanup internally, then focus on the electronic restoration. I could only dream of having this...
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    '55 5E3 hums louder as it warms up.

    The original 5E3 amps have no power supply choke, only a 5K resistor. Total reduction of hum is never possible. If you're willing to do a mod, install a choke. I did that in a tweed Champ kit and it made a world of difference.
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    General Safety Question: 70's Solid State Amp

    How's the hum? It would certainly be worth it to replace the power supply filter caps in addition to what was suggested by Birfl. Does the tremolo circuit sound good? If it's not working or too slow/fast, replace the 3 caps in that area. I'd replace all of the electrolytic caps. After that...
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    Rumble 40 upgrade??

    I gigged indoors (bars) and outdoors (parks) in a Classic Rock band using the Traynor SB-112. I sent an XLR to the PA. No problems at all being heard or felt. I've retired from gigging and my at home amp is the SB-115 because 15s have always been my fave tone. I have owned all Rumbles from 200...

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