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    Velvet Hammer Pickups

    My opinion (I'm far from an expert but I have successfully designed and built a few from scratch while chasing a particular tone.): In order of what I think is important: Number of turns (which along with other stuff leads you to inductance), magnetic field strength, shape of magnetic field...
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    Lowering output humbucker to match split coil using resistor?

    Research the Peavey wiring used on the Power slide and the T60. It might get you something you like. It was designed to do something like this
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    Travel guitar and/or flying with a guitar

    I got a squier tele. When I was traveling, I took the neck off and put it in my suitcase. As long as you're cool on tightening, there shouldn't be a problem with stripping. I put inserts in one before that, but it was more trouble than it was worth.
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    Thinking about a car lift for the new garage.

    All I know is that keeping it plumb is super critical on lifts.
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    Why does cut time exist?

    Whoa - I learned some definitions by looking this up. Also found "anapest". I always learn stuff here.
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    Discovered something interesting about guitar resonance

    I once played a custom strat where the vibrations reflected back into the neck so much it felt like playing bees. Very weird.
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    Acoustic resonance of Telecasters

    Sorry no photos right now. Acoustically: I have 2 teles: 1) cheapest squier affinity tele and a 2) nice alder body by Bunker with warmoth birdseye maple/maple neck partscaster. The squier is much louder and midrangey. The partscaster is quieter and much more trebly (and heavier). I picked the...
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    Best song title ever

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    How to break in a speaker?

    Just don't use a square wave. I foolishly tried breaking in a cheap set and almost burned them up. I forgot about the power in a square wave being greater than a sine wave. D'oh. Luckily I checked them just when they were getting too warm.
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    Thought provoking quotes.

    I use this to see if anybody is really listening: "We'll burn that bridge when we come to it."
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    Thirds and Intonation

    Pulling could well be right, or fretting just a bit harder. Sounding "perfectly in tune" is actually a bit off from the actual defined major or minor third, or any other interval except for the octave.. That's because most of us use an "equal tempered" 12 tone scale which causes things to be a...
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    Sleeps with the fishes... til, uh, climate change...

    It's all a house of cards.
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    Greatings from south of France

    Welcome from the Pacific coast!
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    2002? DRRI Newly Acquired.. Look inside and tell me what I got myself into.. Pic Heavy

    I've been watching DRRI videos on youtube. Psionic Audio has a ton of good videos on this amp, showing innards and telling you what to look for. If you're not already a tube tech I wouldn't start learning on this amp. There are some gotchas in the PCB design, but easier to work on than a lot of...
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    Fender "Fireball" humbucker details, the HH Meteora stock set

    This is wonderful stuff! How are you generating the frequency graphs?

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