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    Old school beam blockers

    Old Ampegs have baffle cross beam blockers
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    Leon Russell

    I also heard he was Sinatra’s pianist for a whole way back when…
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    Leon Russell

    Didn’t he come up with those cascading octaves on piano that kind of made Clayton’s ‘Let it Rain?’
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    Fralin vs. Lollar

    We’re all Lemmings lol
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    Fralin vs. Lollar

    lollar P90 Less is more
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    Can one dance to Zep'?

    Had a friend who liked to play Zep’s ‘Rock n Roll’ - was always a crowd bogeying to it.
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    Barber GCX vs Half Gainer

    I dig my old first gen Ltd. Never tried the others.
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    The Tube Screamer Club!

    Here are my two 4558 chippers. The black box is an 808 clone.
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    Of these 4 speakers (or other,) which would you choose for the '65 DRRI and why?

    I’m a speaker freak. I’ve owned probably every spkr ever made. The GASC64 sounds like my fave spkr, an old Jensen P12P minus the high end sparkle.
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    What would you buy for $3000?

    63 or 64 BF Deluxe
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    Another Build Blog ... Bassman & Bassman

    With my 5F6A, I made it 2x12 with a multi tap OT. Sometimes it 2x12 @ 4 ohms other times 1x12 @ 8 ohms. I have doughnuts and played around with 10”s but went back to 12”s…
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    Lower efficiency speakers

    I’d have to see a pic