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    Need advice on putting a radius on a fingerboard

    Wow! Give me one of these and one of those Arbortech turboplane thingies, and I could destroy a guitar in seconds! :lol:
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    Anticipation.... Incra TS-LS on it's way!

    Congratulations! I have the LS system on my router table and it is amazing. I've never come close to using its full capabilities.
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    Benchtop Jointers - How flat is flat?

    Thanks, that is what I thought. It is really not a space or money issue keeping me from buying a full size jointer right now. I recently went through a divorce, so I am renting a house right now. I plan to buy a new house, but first with COVID and now the absurd housing market, that has been...
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    Benchtop Jointers - How flat is flat?

    Thanks for the replies. I have the Grizzly G0893, with the helical cutter head. The outfeed table on this model is fixed, so the cutter head and infeed table need to be aligned to it. Both tables dip in the middle, so a straightedge placed over a table only touches the table on the left and...
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    Benchtop Jointers - How flat is flat?

    I’m hoping for some input here. What can I expect in terms of performance from a benchtop jointer? Is it unreasonable to expect the cuts to be perfectly flat over a 24" long board? Do I need to accept that there will be some curvature/waviness to the surface? I had a Rikon 6” benchtop...
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    Neck Pocket Routing Mishap

    This happened to me the other day. I'm making a Les Paul and was routing the levels for the carved top. The body of the router slipped in the fixed router base and the bit went too deep into the wood! Infuriating!!!! :mad: It happened in the upper bout near the pickup selector switch. The...
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    Did I get shafted? Time will tell.

    Did they at least set the sunglasses to 120v for you like they said they would?
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    shafted over the 'bay ?

    Seriously, I didn't think anybody used eBay anymore.
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    No more climbing cuts

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to add my experience. For my last few guitars, I have sanded to the line on the body with a spindle sander. However, I am really only barely patient enough to do it this way. I find it really tedious. I have been wanting to try a spiral router bit...
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    How far can I extend router bit?

    Buy a longer bit. Period.
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    Boning your neck

    You can also use chicken bones in a voodoo ritual to imbue your guitar with extra mojo!!!
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    Nice fretboard. What kind of wood is that?
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    Frustration with Rikon benchtop jointer

    I hear what you are saying, Marty, and I agree with you. I'd love to buy a full sized 8" helical head jointer right now, but I'm planning on buying a new house hopefully this Fall, so I don't really want to buy a new big tool right now. But when I get into the new house, I plan to replace my...
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    Frustration with Rikon benchtop jointer

    I bought the 6" Rikon benchtop jointer, model 20-600H, a couple of years ago. This is my first jointer. At first, I was very happy with it. Out of the box, it performed very well. Then I left it on the shelf for several months before using it again. When I pulled it out, the tables were...
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    Adjusting neck angle on Les Paul build

    OK, so I don't know what is going on! I went out to the garage on Saturday morning and reassembled the guitar again, without making any changes to the neck pocket or the tenon. This time, the fret plane came pretty much perfectly to the top of the saddles with the bridge at its lowest...

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