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    Telecaster Template Pdf?

    Right here:
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    If I sneeze 3 times in a row, the following day I have cold symptoms. It has to be 3 sneezes in a row.
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    Curly walnut/sitka spruce SJ acoustic build:

    Wow, starting to look great!
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    Custom mini Tele Builder/source suggestions

    Could you build it yourself?
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    Bonjour from France

    Bienvenue à bord!
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    Champion Lap Steel Pup

    Another source here: (in Canada)
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    New Tool Day (new machine day ??)

    The top panel should have a Caribbean burst!
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    which way to install duplex receptacles

    In this house, some are ground up and some are ground down.
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    Hi All! It's been awhile!

    Welcome back! The new discussion seems to be on the thickness of the fretboard affecting the tone.
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    When your FEV1 is less than 30% your emphysema is considered stage 4. There is no stage 5. I am at 20%! I currently am severely infected and none of the prescribed medication is doing anything for me. It is a difficult condition to live with!
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    Simple Sparkle Story

    That looks great, like a shot through the Hubble telescope.
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    NGD - Candy apple red Fender Cabronita

    Ohh, that is a beauty!
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    Purple stratocaster

    Starting to look super, Joe!
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    New Tool Day (new machine day ??)

    Show off!
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    Can Gotoh split shaft tuner buttons be changed?

    How about a few pairs of thin cotton gloves in your gig bag?