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    Your favorite non-guitar riff?

    Jimmy Smith Back At The Chicken Shack, coolest organ ever!
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    Which Telecasters Are Underrated/Overrated?

    I bought my 64 American Vintage Tele with the intention of getting a “better” Custom Shop later when I could afford one. But it has been so perfect that I am not tempted to trade it in. I did try a Wildwood 10 Tele once, with a humbucker in the neck, and really loved it, too. Sadly, it was gone...
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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    Neck on AV 64 Tele through Clean channel of Tone King Gremlin gets a lovely jazz tone, can go pretty loud without much break-up.
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    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    Exile On Main Street and Muddy Waters’ Hard Again
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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    Much the same here. Silver Archer, with Tele into Tone King Gremlin, gets me a great dirty rhythm, then I use the Tube Screamer with no gain to boost it for solos.
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Sorry, Neil . . . After The Goldrush, Harvest, Harvest Moon, On The Beach, Tonight’s The Night, Freedom, and probably several more.
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    AV 64 vs CS

    Very nice! This has increased the thoughts . . .
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    AV 64 vs CS

    I’M lucky to have a CS 59 Les Paul, CS 56 Strat and CS 60 Jazz bass. I have never tried a CS Tele because I love my 64 American Vintage and therefore prioritised these others, but the CS guitars are so good that I keep thinking I would find a CS Tele to beat it and that I should try some and do...
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper, Revolver, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Station To Station, Low, Heroes, Berlin, Transformer, New York, Songs Of Love And Hate, Songs From A Room, The Clash, Give Em Enough Rope, Never Mind The Bollocks, Aftermath, Let It Bleed, Exile On Main Street, Hejira, Blood On The...
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    Have you ever found "the One"?

    Been checking it out, and very much liking what I hear!
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    Have you ever found "the One"?

    The Tone King Gremlin is The One for playing at home, with all guitars and all pedals. But when I start gigging again, a Fender with more power will be The Gig One. And the 64 American Vintage is definitely The One Tele-wise, a brilliant little wonder in Candy Apple Red. Love it.
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    Show your Candy Apple Red teles!

    AVRI 64, light as a feather, plays like a dream through the Tone King Gremlin. The Candy Apple Red is lovely.
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    Mesa Dynaplex hidden dipswitch

    I’VE had this great pedal opened to move the dip, but can’t see it. Has anyone managed to locate it and make the eq change?
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    The Best Acoustic Guitars These Days

    I started with Taylors a long time ago, but traded them for my first Martin D28. It is still getting better and better as the years go by. Absolutely love it. I recently heard another Martin which cost three times the price and was the most heavenly, stunning, glorious guitar I’ve ever heard -...
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    Is the wristwatch dead?

    Longines and Teles, Heaven.