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    Looking for a pickguard

    I am looking for a black pickguard that will fit a Player Series HH Telecaster. I would like to buy a simple replacement that does not need any reshaping or reworking. Does anyone know where I can find one?
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    Real or fake?

    Thanks for chiming in. At first glance, I thought I may go check this one out. Then looked at the photos and thought this can’t be the real thing. Glad I did some checking before driving over there.
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    Real or fake?

    Does this look like a real American Standard Tele to you all? The bridge is different, maybe replaced. The logo looks different than any American Standard or Series Fender that I have ever seen...
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    NGD Jimmy Page

    Congrats! That’s my favorite combination.
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    NGD - Fiesta Red Squier Classic Vibe 60s FSR Strat

    Congrats! I have the fiesta red CV50s. Love Fiesta Red!
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    American Pro II Strat - which colour do you prefer?

    interesting. I have not liked the Dark Knight color, but it does look sharp with that white pg.
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    NGD / Benefits of Crazy Texas Weather

    Nice! Fellow Texan here (down in Houston). Congrats!
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    American Original or Jimmy Page Tele?

    Both really cool guitars. I would go with the Page Tele just because I personally think the white/blonde and rosewood combo that Bloomfield, Ford and a lot of the 60s guys played was the coolest look. I'm not into sig guitars, but like others have said the Page Tele doesn't really look like a...
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    NGD: Surf Pearl Player

    Nice! Congrats!
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    NGD AV64 Tele

    That’s very nice! Congrats!
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    NGD: Jimmy Page mirror telecaster

    Nice! I've been wanting this model for a while now. Congrats!
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    I Did A Thing. NTD

    Man! Congrats!
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    Im buying a new amp.

    I keep my Blues Deluxe for situations when I need the volume. However, I use a Fender Mustang 50 watt on the Twin setting most of the time. Pretty cheap and sounds like a good Fender tubs amp believe it or not.
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    How Many Of You Live On The Bridge Pickup Of Your Tele

    I’m almost always using the bridge pickup in band situations. However, I do love the neck pickup for blues. I also use the 4th position which puts the two pickups in series when I want to do my ABB impression.