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    Solid State amp you've known and loved,,, or hated,

    Mid 80's Fender Japanese Sidekicks are my favorites. I use them all the time.
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    Ugly Telecasters: Let's See 'Em

    I was gonna refinish this in a sunburst when the finish began falling off in huge shards. I wound up kinda liking the look of it all beaten up..... So I put a coffee ring stain on it and named it Javacaster. It's an '87 MIJ neck, 2000 50's Classic series body and an '83 American Standard pickup.
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    Attn: 52 AVRI Experts.

    why does he have to strip the headstock?
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    RAT Lovers Front and Center

    i dig the HM2. (i have 2 of them) it's one of the few boss pedals i love.
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    RAT Lovers Front and Center

    thanx for the info, ranjam. that would explain why these pedals remind me of my old, old rat pedal. you're right about price, too.... i probably spent about $100 for both.
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    RAT Lovers Front and Center

    i traded my rat II and use a peavey hotfoot on 1 board and an ibanez fat cat on the other. the rat II doesn't sound like the rat i remember from the 80's. probably just me but i prefer these copies.
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    New (for us) sound clip approach.

    that is just really smart. i really wish this was "standard procedure" for all pickup sound clips. i suppose it would work well with effects, amps and so on, too!
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    If you only had to have one overdrive and one distortion?

    the next distortion x and the electra 600d.
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    What Concerts Are You Going to This Year?

    i'll be seeing david gilmour in april at MSG. after the price of that ticket.......... i don't think i'll be seeing any other shows this year. :shock::shock::shock:
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    What Fender accessories do you own, beyond instruments & amps?

    i've got several pedals from the 80's that i still use pretty regularly.
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    Got my '75 Fender Strat back!!!

    it's a late 74' early 75' and it's on the lighter side. i bought it second hand back in 1986. i wore the frets so bad you almost couldn't feel them. i was a nervous reck when i left it for the refret. i was afraid it might get ruined. rick emery did an amazing job. turned out better than i ever...
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    Got my '75 Fender Strat back!!!

    had mine refretted about a year ago. she's been in heavy rotation ever since!
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    Last piece of gear you've bought?

    just installed this SD SSL5 in my 86' MIJ squier. 40 bux well spent. (the pup is already in the strat in the pic. i used the old cover.)
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    my advice... marry that girl!
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    Need help ID of this body and pickups

    if that pick guard is a thick one ply, i have two of them from squire affinity's from the late 90's. they even turned tan like the one in your pic.