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    What’s in a name?

    My name as you can see by my handle is Geoff. I'm good with Geoff although I went thru a teenage phase of disliking it. However I really dislike Geoffrey. When my (late) mom or my dad call me that it's OK, but otherwise, no. I do kind of dislike when people don't know how to pronounce it...
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    I was born on a Tuesday.

    I was born on a Wednesday. I turned 13 on a Friday the 13th. Stevie Wonder and I get cakes on the same day.
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    Tongue cancer.

    Let's hope the news stays positive. I hope the pain subsides as well. You've endured a lot. I'll ask the big guy if he can send you some continuing good health and peace.
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    Can YOU Count to 7?

    That right there was a heap o' talent and years of practice. I'm sure I couldn't follow it in a live situation, but I really enjoy hearing that kind of drumming. Stewart Copeland is an excellent reference in my opinion.
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    Larkin Poe Live

    I've been playing their music in the car a lot recently. Their cover of Bell Bottom Blues makes my neck hairs stand on end.
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    Any special dinner for tonight?

    My MIL is visiting and she had a taste for German food, so that's what we had last night. Excellent! Tonight we're going to a nice steakhouse to celebrate our anniversary (actually was the 28th). Life is good!
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    Any special dinner for tonight?

    Love ramps. Originating from West Virginia as I did, I think it was a state law to love ramps.
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    Extremely Long Songs or Songs Meant to be Played in Order as One Piece of music That You Love?

    My first Yes album was Yessongs on triple vinyl. I wore that thing out. Even today I expect to hear Yes played in the order of those sides, and the studio versions sound "strange". Rush: 2112 and Hemispheres are others which must be played a side at a time, if not the whole thing.
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    Really, in this day and age ....

    I was going on a business trip, and knowing I wouldn't have a chance to get a meal anywhere, I brought several Clif breakfast bars in my carry on. TSA alerted on them, shut down the line, pulled me aside, did a chemical analysis, and gingerly removed them from my backpack, and I think did more...
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    I'm getting old I guess.... loud music sorta irritates me lol

    Live music depends.... If a band has a sh+++y mix, loud really bothers me. A good clean mix works though. If I'm hearing music I don't like I have a lower threshold for pain.
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    The Love Boat : Dream Sequence Where Gopher Is A Big Rock Star....

    I'm genuinely disturbed by that video. I'm not even sure why.
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    People You've Known with Unusual Names

    I met a girl named Velvet once. Even in my youth, I recognized that her parents really did her a disservice with that name.
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    Weirdest guitars used by well known and Pro level players.

    Not guitar, as in six string, but you gotta allow Bootsy with one of the many iterations of the Space Bass.
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    bubble gum punk

    Husker Du got pretty poppy at times.