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    American Original or Jimmy Page Tele?

    The American Original 60s seres Teles are superb, really impressive feel and tone where a lot of modern era Fender teles have left me cold. If you play leads, you are likely to feel more comfortable on the larger radius neck. I have been waiting for Sweetwater to get more of these (Burgundy...
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    Would you buy a current Gibson sight unseen today?

    Good retailers have shifted into majority shipping mode a long time ago. I have found that they understand that you still have to play the thing once you get it. You need a minute to play the guitar once it arrives and try to objectively evaluate it. I ordered a high-end bass from an extremely...
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    The shameful abuse of a perfectly good amplifier.

    Learned my lesson with dip cups as a kid...nothing goes near the amps...drinks on the floor!
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    strymon nightsky

    I forgot all about the H9...yes, they are awesome! I am using the Line 6 Stomp HX and its big brother now for most outboard spatial and time effects (and eq, and pres), but I don't care for its pitch shifting/shimmer sounds, so I am reconsidering...St Vincent uses the H9 religiously and I get a...
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    Surfy Bear reverb?

    Cool theme with the bass and offset... I must have caught the same bug...
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    Surfy Bear reverb?

    I use it almost always on position..I just keep it in the back of my amp. Incredibly responsive to dynamics; it grows with you. My model has two for super dwell surf and the other is pulled back pretty far, but makes everything sound great. Very highly recommended...I...
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    Anyone remember this one from the cult?

    There is a big black Gretsch hollowbody on the wall in front of me because of this band...first heard them in 1985 in an attic in France, blew my mind with an extended mix of Rain...elements of proto-Goth, Zeppelin, Cream, psychedelic ragga riffs and monstrous wah leads over this miles-wide...
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    strymon nightsky

    I thought that the night sky had some sort of step sequencer in it??? The straight-up Big Sky is just a monster...flexible and amazing shimmer effects. FOr about $100 less, I like the Source Audio can stack and blend 2 reverb presets...its sounds are amazing...good BF tank and...
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    XTC - Live!

    At the height of their fame they were working day jobs (lorry drivers, I think)...amazing writers and players...I could do a doctoral thesis on the cluster of genius garage/organ/piano and guitar pop bands from about 78'-81'; XTC was possibly the biggest fish in a very deep pool (Elvis Costello...
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    Opinions Please: Good Deal, Good Guitar?

    My experience with Chinese made Guild acoustics has been extremely positive...very well made; they punch above their weight.
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    RAB LS840 studio desk: about to pull the trigger

    Something that I have found to be extremely useful and cost effective for studio is having a couple of old fashioned AV carts with power supplies...small amps, drum machines, small synths, mic and headphone preamps...useful for so many things and mobile...while not priced lie studio furniture.
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    Almost NGD

    I keep wanting a Martin dreadnought and keep buying electrics...why??? I cannot seem to make a sensible decision to get an instrument that will get better every year that I arguably play better than styles I use on an electric. I must consult with the oracle and apply for a credit increase... In...
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    Might be a bit high

    This shop prices things like this regularly...what will it sell for in the end? The days where there is a huge difference between the Fender that came out of grampa's garage that was found at an estate sale and the eventual retail price in a major market city have long ago ended. People know...