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    SG Club!

    Before 4 months I grab this beautiful SG for 1370€ new. And after those months I think that I couldn't have found such a well constructed,lite, easy to play and made in USA guitar for those money especially those times. And it's a serious rock n roller....
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    Pickup Choices are Soooo Confusing!

    Give 50$ and get a Tonerider Hot Classic bridge pickup. It's right there. I have that set since can do a lot
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    Anybody Using Tonerider Alnico 2 Blues Pickups

    Every set of Tonerider Pickups worth every penny. Since 2007 I have in my Tele the hot classics. And in my strat the pure vintage. But in other guitars I have put several of them.i was interested about alnico 2 but they came out much later and I'm enough satisfied to change something.Do it they...
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    Compression Ratio Rates Sorry the upper answer didn't get the copy paste 😕
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    Compression Ratio Rates Ask him directly. He might be the only one to have something for sure
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    Favorite overdrive for neck pickup without being too wooly

    Boss od-3 might do it
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    Tell me about compressors...

    Joyo JF-10 for a decent start with a comp
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    3 dirtboxes from your arsenal that give a good, solid, strong sound

    MXR super badass distortion covers a lot of ground. I like it
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    Looking for a cheap compressor.

    Joyo's might do the trick
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    BOSS BC-2 Combo Drive...should I???

    I had one. I couldn't manage to dial something good enough for me. You should find one and check it out before you buy it
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    Beginner Tube Amp Suggestions

    i just bought used a VHT Special 6 for 250 euros.its a lil great one.and im 28years player,hes ok with pedals
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    NPD-I have tremolo!

    now thats a real good can check the 2 internal trim pots for better adjustment
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    in between 3 used amps

    my budget is 250 euros for bying a small practice home tube amp.lockaly in geece right now i can find used for those money a Laney LC-15, a VHT Special 6 head for 120euros compined with an Ibanez 1x12 cab loaded with a CELESTION SEVENTY 80 speaker for 100euros and at last a Laney Cub 10 in great...
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    NGD SG Special

    I don't know much but I think yes
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    NGD SG Special

    Today i came home with this beautiful guitar in my hands. A very nice constructed instrument. Finish, binding, nut, frets all excellent. The board needed some more oil to come alive and a half of a turn of the truss rod made it butter. Really easy to play. The p90s suits my style very nice for...