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    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    When anyone asks me, the first song that comes to mind is; Listen to the Music: The Best of The Doobie Brothers... Everyone in the car reached for the volume knob when that song came on...
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    High saddles, shim or leave it?

    From your text, you seem have things a bit 'Bass-Akwords'... You don't [add] shims to a neck pocket to lower it, you need to either shave the bottom ot the Heal's neck or rout out the pocket a bit to lower the neck. Yes, from your pictures, those 'Barrels' are setting a little high for my...
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    Any fans of the Vintera Teles?

    I just might have what you've been looking for... Take a look! Custom 60's style Tele with 4-position switch that throws both P/u's into series with 100% boosted output. Interested, look at ''
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    Looking for a "V" style neck

    Well, if you want to change a 'U' shape neck to a 'V' shape, just get busy with a 'Draw Knife' and a 'Wood Vise' and you can re-shape your own neck to your satisfaction. You can't really screw it up, unless you scrape too much away from the sides. Give it a try, go slow and carefully, you'll be...
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Here's my 'Mad-Max' Rat Rodcaster I put together with some spare parts and 'Mods' laying around in my shop... Being Featured Now on
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Here's my 'Mad-Max' Rat Rodcaster I produced with some spare parts and 'Mods', just laying around... Being Featured Now on Reverb:
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Thought I'd share my 'Decocaster' with you:
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    Middle Position Not Working

    A very quick check, just to see if the two middle terminals on the switch, that puts out the signal to the volume potential, has a 'Jumper' connecting the two together... IF you don't have that jumper in the middle of the switch, you probably have a switch issue and need a new one.
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    I'll offer three more: Eat a Peach, Allman Brothers Late for the Sky, Jackson Browne And one that probably you've never heard of; Gypsy Queen, Gypsy Band Have a listen to this great original Minnesota 1970's group, who wrote all their own...
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    What was your first guitars?

    Oh, boy, did you really open up the 'Archives'... Here's my first guitar, ever. That little 'Axe' opened a world of music and pop culture for me and millions of others too. Actually, my 'Silverstone' was a white body with black pickguard and a hard case with a small 8-watt amplifier installed...
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    Okay, let's get wacky (fretless goofiness alert)

    I just pray that [it] went out from the shop before getting 'Neutered'...
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    Restoring one of the wine crate guitars I made in my teens.

    Well, that 'Blue' paint on the face will keep the 'Delta' in that project for a long, long time. But, sure it's time to update with a nice vintage pickup installed...
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    SG-Neck Thru - Using up some wood in the shop

    Here's a helpful tip: Buy a couple of 4ft 'Angle Iron' bars and use them along with your clamps to spread the pressure more evenly throughout the entire gluing process.
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    Open E players, what string gauges do you use?

    Here's a tip: GHS Boomers® Medium 11-50... I luv'em!
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    The Big 4 Of The Greatest Songs Ever

    Me Too, SAD! I could give forty songs better than the four listed here, and I'd get a whole lot of support... "Personal opinions are exactly what their worth, zilch" Even trying to list the 'Top 4' is simply exposing their ignorance...

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