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    What were The 70's really like?

    Lots o' braless chicas and cannabis .....great times
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Nothing.......but I did use my new-found pick punch (it disappeared for a while) to punch out some backup picks, although didn't really need 'em
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    Hi from TN

    My wife and I live just south of Knoxville (Knox Vegas) .....welcome
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    How to Keep Watch Tight Enough But Not Too Tight

    Dunno the last time I wore one, was required to for charting and all,,,,,,been years
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    What changes would you make if you were the Sports Czar for a day?

    nope......shall not answer, that would possibly risk banning, or at least forum-wide scorn, possibly tar and feathers, so.....I'll be nice
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    Musician couples

    Chris Frantz (drummer for Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club) and Tina Weymouth (bassist of Talking Heads/Tm Tom Club)
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    Ceramics ain’t bad. (I said so)

    I have a '64 Harmony gold foils, dunno what the magnets are made of but have read that they're like "rubbery refrigerator magnets...." they sure sound fine, though
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    books you didn't finish

    One book comes to mind, though, dunno , might banned for saying it.....starts with a B, ends with an e :)
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    OK..You can only Keep ONE of your it:

    Don't think I've commented on this, probably my Thinline that my wife surprised me with for my 60th birthday a few years back <3 Or maybe my '64 Harmony H15
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    I was stuck behind the coolest car ever last week

    They had made at least several,,,,,, I used to work at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, they had a lot of cool a mint condition '52 Weinermobile ..... not to mention the chair that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in
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    My Dog Cisco Crossed The Rainbow Bridge Today

    So sorry to hear.....was one of the worst days ever when our Buddy crossed over some years back, perhaps they'll meet, he was the best, smartest dog ever.....not to insult the three we have now, but.....he was......again, so sorry to hear, dogs are family, and it hurts :(
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    What Do You Use When You Want To Go Bare Minimum?

    Anymore, I could get by with my Harmony H15 and my Tweaker 15....with the necessary cords, of course
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    Why snakes are important to the Ecosystem from a human perspective?

    We only have the occasional black snake/corn snake from the farm out cool with them, they won't bit me and they eat's to no mice and all
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    Hilarious movies:

    Very Bad Things ...... <drops mic> if you can laugh at bad things :)

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