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    Happy Christmas from Toyah and Robert

    So Fripp is a Beatles fan. There goes this thread…. :lol:
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    Tube Amp Myths

    I tried to push my Boogie to the point of clipping the power tubes once. That was really, really dumb of me.
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    Let’s See What Gear Santa Brought You!

    Not really a Christmas present, but it did arrive on Wednesday. I've been squirreling away money since this summer for a Fractal Axe FX III, and ordered it two weeks ago.
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    A holiday "Thank you!" to the mods

    What I truly appreciate about the mods here is that they don't go full scorched earth on you if you stray outside the lines a little bit. Heavy handed is far from their approach here unless you really screw up and earn it on your own.
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    Frightening sight on the highway.

    A large percentage of the people living on the streets are suffering from addictions and/or mental health issues. This makes them unpredictable, and often times violent if approached. Helping others in need is a good thing, but be very aware of the potential risks when dealing with homeless...
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    How did the great rockers repaint their guitars?

    Only the ones who were sober when they did it, but those guitars have all slipped into the shadows of history. The famous ones, however, were done with the help of pharmaceutical enhancements.
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    "A woman sued by Eric Clapton after listing a bootleg CD for €9.95 on eBay now has to pay his legal

    Trust me, I’ve been following all of that very closely. ;)
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    The result of the Catalytic Converter thread.

    I opened one of Buckocaster’s threads a few years back and was blasted by ads for John Deere tractors for a while afterward. It didn’t suck too bad, but it’s creepy how our computers and phones are watching our every move.
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    "A woman sued by Eric Clapton after listing a bootleg CD for €9.95 on eBay now has to pay his legal

    People fear what they do not understand, and they attack what they fear. There’s an awful lot of that happening in the world these days, and it’s some pretty scary stuff.
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    Tube Headphone amp

    His primary need is a desktop headphone amp, since he mainly plays through headphones. I understand the tube thing many people have, but for a desktop headphone amp there are much better options out there. I don't care either way since I'm not the one that will be buying it or using it, but...
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    Tube Headphone amp

    Yes he did, but I figured that for his needs he might find that tubes are not the best tool for this job. I have a room full of tube amps, with the means to load them properly to run direct with IRs for recording or headphone use, but through headphones it's nearly impossible to tell the...
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    Ex-GF Question

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    Tube Headphone amp

    I wouldn’t bother with trying to find something with tubes in it if it’s just for headphone use. Digital excels in this application and will give you a LOT more bang for your buck.
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    Hum goes away when I touch strings

    The bridge is properly grounded, that's why the noise goes away when you touch the strings. If it wasn't there would be no difference. This is actually pretty common with most guitars that aren't fully shielded in all of the cavities where bare wires are exposed that can pick up electrical...