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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    The roses in the window box have tilted to one side Everything about this house was born to grow and die Oh, it doesn't seem a year ago to this very day You said, "I'm sorry, honey, if I don't change the pace I can't face another day" Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John (Side 1 - track 2 - From the...
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    Yes agreed. TBH…I think most of the song could be included here… Don't run back inside Darling, you know just what I'm here for So you're scared, and you're thinking That maybe we ain't that young anymore Show a little faith, there's magic in the night You ain't a beauty, but, hey, you're...
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    The screen door slams Mary’s dress sways Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays Thunder Road - The Boss !
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    Memorable quotes and anecdotes from your (Former) bandmates.

    I remember one particular gig played in the Portland Bars, Manchester England back in the early 80’s where our Bass player (who is sadly no longer with us) caused a bit of a stir ! This guy was a bit of an animal..and would regularly down pints of wine…but he held his drink very well. Usually he...
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    Heard It Once-And Was Hooked!

    Walking through a shopping precinct in Stockport England I heard music coming from a store called Rumbelows (an electronics retailer back in the day.) For some reason it just grabbed my attention, I went inside to discover they had a small area selling records which they played through a PA...
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    Memorable quotes and anecdotes from your (Former) bandmates.

    I was in an original band in the early 80’s… just starting out thinking we were the dogs ‘do-das‘. I’d been away on holiday and got talking to a guy who reckoned he managed bands in London. It sounded plausible and I was enthusiastic about the prospect of ‘making it’! When I got back home I was...
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    A passion rekindled

    Wow that is a lay-off…better late than never - good luck👍 And yep… crazy to think @gimmeatele may of actually been at one our gigs 40 years ago. Regarding the year… Just looking at the charts…best selling singles in the uk for 1982 and yes there are some good songs in there, but my goodness...
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    A passion rekindled

    Excellent - It sounds like you had a VERY good night 😎🍻👍
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    A passion rekindled

    Cheers man ! That was a very long time ago, probably between 1981 and 1983. We played a number of places in the centre of Manchester from small pubs like The John Bull, and the Portland Bars, but the biggest venue we played was the Gallery. Ring any bells? The Gallery gig was the first time we...
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    Gilbert O'Sullivan & Co.

    A great songwriter - the lyrics in Alone Again Naturally are really moving. Never got the recognition he deserved in my view.
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    Your First Concert

    My first proper gig was Be Bop Deluxe January 21 1977 at the Free Trade Hall Manchester England (Supported by the Steve Gibbons Band) my second gig was ABBA…again at the Free Trade Hall on February 11th 1977… to this day I have wide ranging musical tastes… if it’s good…it’s good, regardless of...
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    Cheapest car you ever owned.

    In 1976, Mum and dad bought me my first car a 1966 Mini 850 apparently it cost £90. Red with a white roof. It had a hole in the floor, the front wheel arch was held on with sprayed over masking tape, over 50 mph exhaust fumes used to come into the car via a hole in the rear parcel shelf. About 9...
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    I have to admit I liked the tune. But I never saw the video...

    Also don’t forget Hell Raiser…another ‘banger’ from the Sweet boys. Early to mid 70’s UK glam rock. We were spoilt for choice back then..Thursday night tuned in to BBC1 and Top of the Pops. Sweet - Slade - T-Rex - Bowie - Mott The Hoople - Wizzard - Mud - Alvin Stardust - Roxy Music….and many...
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    A passion rekindled

    I’ve been contemplating contributing to this subject for a couple of weeks, but rather than jump straight in I thought I’d take a more considered approach. Buckle up…this could be a long one. A little background… Back in the 80’s I was the lead singer in a band which only played original songs...