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    VHT D-Fifty Owner's Club

    Okay - after some quick playing at low volume I found this to be a very likeable animal. Quite nervous, always begging to throw the ball. Clean to me is thick but silvery, the od controls demand delicate attention. EQ has good ranges. Distortion sound takes some getting used to - not that far...
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    VHT D-Fifty Owner's Club

    D-Fifty on the way. Finally.
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    On board Active electronics for basses: Yay or Nay?

    For basses, it‘s always yay for me... 18v for more headroom. I don‘t like the sound of many Precision Bass PUs farting out when you hit the low notes heavily... My main is a 1st generation P-Bass Special with all EMG PUs and 3-band EQ with parametric mids... you can dial in any sound within...
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    Anybody here have Bob Logan's steel Tele bridge on their guitar?

    I have the Armadillo on one Guitar - brass sounds good. Very raw and heavy, but ages nicely.
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    Any high wattage 8 inch speakers?

    Fatal Pro make 3 different Neo 8"... the W8N8-150 has the widest top end, 150 (AES) - 300 (Peak) watts @ 1.7kg.
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    Looking for an amp that I can record with that sounds great at low volumes.

    Hmm.... Positive Grid "Spark" might be the thing - comes as tiny combo (2x4"), 40w stereo with built-in USB recording interface. Digital modelling amp, 40 watts, even models the cranking of the amps' power amp stages. Has effects. Bought it cheap as a supporter, must say it is fantastic in a...
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    Help me choose a speaker - Jensen high end, but more mids

    Jensen modern stuff: Have the neo 12“. Light, powerful.
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    Perfect pop song.

    Hehe... one of my favourite bands of the last years..: Actually, they got me with this - perfect pop song for me:
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    Fender Supersonic Club

    Small Update: Put a Jensen Jet Tornado 100w Neo in my SS 112 - that fixed the icepick sound and weight problems. Still in love, perfect amp close to Dumbleland.
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    Tele Player who made U have 2 have a Tele?

    Hanging around in music stores as a teen, I‘ve always been attracted by the walls the Fender guitars were on display. About that time The Police were starting off. I really love the raw sound of their first years. Becoming a bass player, I had some years away from guitars but after a while i got...
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    Fender Supersonic Club

    Long time lurker - just wanted to say hi to everyone. Have a 60w generation 1 for some time now, still in love with it. Cheers, Frank
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    Gone, but not forgotten - guitars

    My first proper electric was a Fender Bronco my parents and my grandma bought me for christmas in 1979. Went through many other guitars in the years after that, but today I wished I never sold it. Funny thing is how much that one made me never really feel at home with playing a...
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    Best wide range neck pick up in the under $150 camp

    Try the Creamery: I‘ve had my PUs there for rebuild. Cheers, Frank
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    Ampeg GVT Series Owners Club

    Sorry, I wrote this with an automatic login from an account I accidentally created last year being abroad. Again, could anybody maybe help me out with some tech information on the GVT52? Thanks everybody, Frank P.S.: If an admin might be so kind and delete the other account (Da Sting). Sorry...
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    Ampeg GVT Series Owners Club

    Hi, been watching this for some time - could anybody help me out with the schematics or at least a which-tube-does-what-and-is-in-what-position of the GVT52? Somehow I never got used to the amp, but I played it last couple of sessions and somehow it has something. Just when you think you wrapped...