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    Wanting a Black Bakelite Tele pickguard 8 hole 1 ply made in USA....but can't find any??

    Nice! I had no idea Quick Guards existed! Thanks for the heads up! Adding to my favorites.....
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    Do you think second-hand gear prices will ever come back down?

    It's rough trade out there. The internet changed the used market permanently. Everyone knows what everything is going for and what it's "worth" (ie the price people are verifiably willing to pay) and they don't want to miss out on any of that money. It's rare to find that "holy crap" deal...
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    Netflix Increasing Shareholder Value Again

    I bought into large flat screen TVs back in 2010 because I hate going to the theater. When Netflix went streaming, it was like the skies opened and birds sang (I didn't see or hear because I was too busy streaming). I was a loyal subscriber until the HD version went up to $13.99 a month. Then I...
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    Olympic white tele, thinking about changing the pickguard, what ya got?

    Parchment or red tort. Or keep the current one. The finish is very classy.
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    Saying Howdy

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    NAD - Peavey Bandit 65

    This (the 65) was my first "serious" amp when I was starting out. It was a hand-me-down from my father (also a guitarist). Heavy as hell to a 12 year old (and just about anyone else). I still have divots in my shins from lugging it around from jam session to jam session. At one point. I had 2...
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    Anyone successfully (or Happy) found an affordable/cheap Slope Shoulder (J45) acoustic?

    I've played the Cort and I've played the Epi Masterbilt and, believe it or not, I'm recommending the Cort. Not something I would have done about 15 years ago (in regards to their acoustics), but the Cort is just a well built instrument. Fit and finish on par with value priced (but still more...
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    New Telecaster American Pro 2

    This is excellent information to have on hand! Just copied it into my Google Keep. Thanks!
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    headrush mx5 vs nux mg30? anyone try or have them

    I have the Headrush MX5. I haven't dabbled/touched modeling since the old POD 2.0 bean days, so I waited for something cheaper from Headrush. Purchased the MX5 just before the holidays. I haven't put a lot of time into it as I'm redoing my home studio, but I did purchase some decent IR packs...
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    Illinois - Twangin' in the Land of Lincoln

    I realize this is a dead thread, but I'm in Mundelein (far northern burbs).
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    Assembling a nice one

    Sometimes beauty comes from tragedy. Fantastic creation!
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    What do you think of Graph Tech Ratio Tuners?

    I got a set of 3+3 chromes in a trade and slapped them on a PRS Zach Myers. Look great except for the visible branding and the weird little dimple on the pegs. They work as they're supposed to. If I only had 2-3 guitars, I might consider upgrading to these on all of my guitars as I believe...
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    Has anyone played a Sire Tele?

    Good catch regarding the top loading bridge! I love that option as I prefer it (I top wrap my LPs, too).
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    Has anyone played a Sire Tele?

    I'm tempted to pre-order from Sweetwater and hope for the best. I'm not a huge fan of super shiny guitars and some of the videos I've seen recently make the guitar look super........wet. Neck looks super comfortable (aside from the wetness). Price seems more than fair given the specs. Maybe...

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