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    Just bought my first Barber pedal....ever....

    David Barber's shop is just a stone's throw from my house. Have never visited. I'll have to fix that.
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    Why an "always on" boost pedal

    I use a Tech 21 Boost/RVB with my SF non-reverb Princeton for two reasons. Reverb, of course, and the boost function hits the pre-amp and fills out the tone, useful since the non-reverb Princetons lack the pre-amp gain that their brothers from another mother with 'verb have.
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    Best budget 12 string

    Yep. And for electric, I have a Dano 12-string and it sounds fantastic. A poor man's Ricky.
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    Best Way to Sell a Gibson SJ-200

    I've gone the consignment route with my local mom and pop guitar store, the same store I bought my first good guitar from some decades ago, now run by the son of the founder. Funny thing is, the guitars I've put on consignment there have, for the most part, been bought by teachers at the store...
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    A couple Netflix recommendations:

    Watched Lou last weekend and it was good. Allison Janney is badass in it, reminded me of Bob Odenkirk in Nobody, another terrific movie which makes great use of classic tunes in the soundtrack. Also, Netflix is running Hell or High Water, with Jeff Bridges playing a Texas ranger chasing bank...
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    A couple Netflix recommendations:

    I came here to recommend that CCR doc. The first part is documentary and the second appears to be the full concert at Royal Albert Hall. Just a reminder of how good that band was and how many great songs they had. Another very good music doc is Count Me In, about rock drummers. Another...
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    Peavey Studio Pro 112, thoughts

    Yeah, what jakedog said, for $100, it's a no brainer. Buddy of mine used to gig a Studio Pro and it sounded great. He went out and got a Classic 30 to replace it and found that he preferred the Studio Pro. (Not that a Classic 30 sounds bad...)
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    Shingrix round two!

    Last month, our bass player got shingles. I talked to him shortly after he came down with it, and listened as he struggled to even speak to describe how painful it is. I thought, I don't want any part of that and went to the CVS the next day and got my first shot. No side effects at all. Not...
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    Interesting observance going by a funeral home.

    I've been to funerals where they had to call the cops. Weddings too.
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    Your Coffee Mug

    This may violate the rules, but these are my favorite coffee mugs, both gifts from my ex-wife, who knows me like no other.
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    Compressor Pedal

    I'll throw in my two cents for the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone. It works for me. The blend control is extremely handy, as is the treble knob. (On the other hand, the grit knob is useless and I turn it all the way down.) They have a new version in a traditional pedal format that leaves off the...
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    The King owns a Vox

    So tone is in the crown now?
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    Baby powder for those sticky outdoor shows?

    A while back, I was in New Orleans and saw a guitar player in a bar in the Quarter. It was summer and very humid. He kept slathering the neck of his guitar with - I swear this is true because I asked him about it - baby oil. You could smell it. When I asked him about it, he said he'd been using...
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    Grill resuscitation, restoration...

    I have a barrel grill with an attached smokebox and chimney made of heavy steel. Had some rust issues - I do keep it covered. I learned that it's always good to have a bass player in your band who is also a welder and has his own rig.
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    NGD (New Gretsch Day)

    I have two Gretsch guitars and a 5420t has been my main gigging guitar for more than a few years now. Nothing else sounds like it. Originally, I thought I'd change out the pickups for proper 'trons or TV Jones, but I've never had any reason to change out the blacktops. They can twang and growl...