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    Yamaha THR10X incoming...

    That model includes wireless receiver for guitar jack, bluetooth for use of sn app to further change tones as well as play stuff from your phone...and 20 watts.
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    Yamaha THR10X incoming...

    Great little oractice amp. Money well spent imho.
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    Yamaha THR10X incoming...

    Grab one. Great lil amps.
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    Yamaha THR10X incoming...

    Waited far to long to upgrade from my little Blackstar Fly 3. It has served my practice needs well for about 3 years now. Gonna be nice to have some better tone at quiet levels.
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    Image gallery test

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    DIY Travel Guitar?

    But is it chambered? :D
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    Blueridge Guitars

    Late to the game. Big fan. Got my BR40 last year. Just a tremendous guitar. Loud. Balanced tone. In tune up and down the neck. Beat out a couple Martins and a Taylor that were 3 times the price. Tech stuff. Tuners are decent, truss rod adjusts the neck nicely. I run John Pearce strings...
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    Question about upgrading transformers in an old National

    Just seeing this 3 years later. PM me if you're still around Wally.
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    I'm a piece of crap

    Sounds like you suffer from low testostetone and lost your man card.
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    Klein Pickups anyone?

    Sounds like they all did their part correctly and sent the pickups to the address in the "ship to" section. That said, won't buy from Klein for other reasons.
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    Public cervix announcement! Get your Gibson Squier! ABQ CL! $900

    I'm toying with the CL seller right now. Boy are some of these guys dumb as rocks....or simply scamming.
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    Seen on local CL ad...

    I'm sure that speaks more of your own mindset than of a 30 year old cb handle given to me when I owned a bright yellow 72 Camaro.
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    I hate it when I have to get tough with someone

    I knew I shouldn't have fallen for that undercarriage coating upsell. Hmmm...