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    Stew Mac Hot Rod Truss Rod upside-down

    No problems using the Spoke Nut truss rods upside down , I do it all the time. As mentioned, the adjustment is reversed.
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    thecableguy's Former Challenge Build

    Its coming out great Brian. Love the headstock shape too. And P90's ? You can't go wrong :-)
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    Confused -What have I done wrong

    You should be able to intonate that , there seems to be a bit of adjustment left on your saddles. Having said that, ideally the bridge should have been mounted a couple of mm further forward.
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    Importing Body Blanks into Australia

    Yeah definitely go DHL, it will be delivered to your door mind blowingly quick. There wont be any extra charges
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    Importing Body Blanks into Australia

    I'd grab an Ash body from Stewmac if I were you, their freight rates & delivery times to Australia are excellent. You will have no issues with customs.,_necks,_wood/Electric_guitar_body_blanks/Swamp_Ash_Body_Blank.html
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    tele with a twist

    Love the variation on the tele shape ! Can't beat tassie blackwood for a top. I bet it sounds as good as it looks
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    Cherryburst Problems

    If it were me, I would go to 1800 then 2400 before moving onto a compound if you are buffing by hand. A buffing wheel is a different story though
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    NGD Brian May replica

    Love it ! Good to see them moving a way from the same color scheme as Brian and offering some options..
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    Looking for a rich brown for my Telecaster Custom

    OK, without a spraygun you will have to buy aerosol cans pre-tinted. You could try ReRanch - Something like THIS might do the trick and then clear over the top.
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    Looking for a rich brown for my Telecaster Custom

    To me it looks like you are spraying a solid colour which is not going to work. You need to tint your clearcoat with a liquid stain such as THIS then clear over the top. From the examples you provided, a red mahogany should do the trick nicely. It will provide a transparent color-tinted look...
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    What's the story on Mint Green pickguards?

    Mint guard on aged Olympic White
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    StewMac advice right, wrong, ???

    This is Stewmac Cherry tint over mahogany with black grain filler
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    1961 Stratocaster build

    Thanks Gil, I can have a go at mixing that. Royal Blue seems to be a dark Blue
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    1961 Stratocaster build

    Hi Gil, If I wanted to mix my own Olympic White using only the Stewmac pigments, do you have any tips to get me in the ballpark ? Cheers Fletch
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    Spoke Wheel truss rod nut (ala Music Man)

    I fitted one on a build I uploaded to youtube - Check here (and a few videos on from that ) KBBH3GstMOM#t=340s