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    Mystery volunteer plant

    Thanks for that. I had never heard of such a thing. Sounds like "volunteer" squash plants are indeed risky. Learn something new every day!
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    Locking Tuners for G&L ASAT Classic

    The guitar in my avatar also has the G&L locking tuners retrofitted to it. Look great, work perfectly.
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    Madison Cunningham

    I had never heard of her until I ran across Rhett's video earlier today. Funny to see this thread so soon after. She's definitely cool - I'll go see her if she makes it to my neck of the woods.
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    How did Nickelback become the butt of so many jokes?

    Apologies if it's already been posted, but I'm pretty sure this was where it started: I know it was the first time I ever heard reference to it. Up until then, I thought it was just me...
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    Nice! Glad to hear you dig it!
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    Short songs - waddaya got?

    Comes in at a tad over two minutes, but it's such a sweet tune that it always seems too short:
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    In Your Opinion: What's The Best Shuffle Ever?

    Not the "best", but still a great song:
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    Which Telecaster Exceeded Your Expectations?

    My avatar guitar - G&L ASAT Classic. Incredible guitar, particularly the quality of workmanship and the pickups. MFDs are something special. Very jazzy clean with the tone rolled back, country with the tone up around 8 or so, and full-on rock 'n' roll when you add a little gain.
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    I guess my Charvel is officially cool now

    o_Oo_Oo_O How did I never notice this before? And back to the OP, by extension, YOU are now cool!
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    Anyone else’s pet like when you play?

    My pets don't seem to notice when I play. Not sure whether anybody else's pet likes it.
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    Milky Way - conceptualize

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    Fedoras are okay, but what about a top hat?

    I reject the premise that fedoras are okay.
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    Off topic, wooden kayak

    Another vote for CLC. I built a Sassafras 12 double-paddle canoe, and a Mill Creek 16.5 decked canoe from their kits. Very cool little boats! Those were both stitch-and-glue boats, but you'll also find strip-planked kayaks there, too. More labor-intensive, but beautiful. Have fun, but be...
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    Good pepper jelly is a wonderful thing. Apparently, that is not what you had.

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