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  • Mr. Fireball519, I read your McD Hot nugget post. That is good but I did not know about or where was Walland, TN. Went Google on it, well, ok, east of Maryville. My brother lives and practices law in Murravull. We were raised up in Hawkins county, TN. I went on Google street view at Walland, TN. Sir, that area is as Tennessee as it gets. Thank you.
    LOL - its a long story - but I typed it out for you anyways - 20 mins work - but then a ERROR POPS UP - TOO LONG EXCEEDS 420 words-- for this system here at TDPRI -- so call me 562 331 9042 -

    GOD,,this SUCKED--HEY TDPRI whats the trip? MY message too long--- I dont get it whats it cost money or something ----hell! LOL-- errrr
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