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    Wiring with 3-way switch help?

    About the red tape: one wire was a bit too short so I soldered another one onto it and used electrical tape to seal that joint. I know this isn’t the best option but I figured it would work just fine? If I need to replace that wire, I can. The switch was from the stewmac telecaster wiring kit...
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    First Guitar build!

    I decided to build a guitar earlier this year for a school project, and it is finally almost finished (will need to fix a wiring issue). I hand drew the artwork with Posca pens and finished with a water based polyurethane. I have some photos of it that I thought I’d share even though it’s not...
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    Wiring with 3-way switch help?

    Hey everyone, this is a part of my first build. After a few hours of trying to troubleshoot I can’t figure out my issue. I’ve built a telecaster with a three way switch as well as a push/pull tone pot for series/parallel switching. For some reason, the neck position works, but the position where...