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    In praise of Toe-dipping on the TDPRI !

    Same experience here! When I started working from home I went overboard with my time on line. I eventually over corrected and virtually quit any online leisure time. I realized was going weeks/months without checking on several of my old daily haunts. Been popping back in here a bit more...
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    Post about your undying love for Dave Grohl AND the Foo!

    I was rather indifferent to the band for a bunch of years. My daughter thinks of 90's rock as classic rock and loves them. We went to see them a few years ago, I surprised her with the tickets. It started as something I was doing her her, but man what a great live show. I get why their fans...
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    Those french songs...

    This thread needs some crappy punk rock
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    Songs that mention another song title

    This song popped in my head right away, though it's a bit of a re-imagining of the original with Cash pitching in on it Set em Joe mentions Walking the Floor Back to Johnny Cash (the same song), in Prison Bound Mike sings "like Johnny says, I'll walk the line"
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    System seems to be working.

    We had to wait about 6 weeks to get a new dishwashers as well, the supply chains issues really suck. My Dad bought State Farm Insurance from a Gentleman going back to the 70's,in the early 90's I bought Insurance from the same agent. He retired and his Son is our agent now, like you said...
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    OTC CBD oil (non-THC) for chronic osteoarthritis pain? Anyone tried it?

    I tried the OTC a few different times with no noticeable affect. Like other have mentioned hear it was recommended that the more potent version was what I needed to try, but that tis not an option for me right now. Good luck in the search
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    New Jack Reacher Series coming soon.

    I am a sucker for these books/tv shows. Longmire, Bosch, and now Reacher all work well as TV shows for me despite the translation from the books.. I don't need them to be high brow viewing, I'm good with the level of entertainment they bring me.
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    Boudin sausage?

    I've got some in the freezer right now I got from Prasek's in El Campo. It's ok, their seasoning is a little bland for me. In the past we got it through a friend in the Holly Beach area for years, but sadly no more. When on I-10 I will stop at Billy's Boudin and Cracklin since it right on the...
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    My thanks to you all

    Thinking of you and your family this morning John, may she go rest easy.
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    Music for Halloween

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    Songs about your Hometown

    Hey @Big_Bend you guys have covered all the typical popular Houston songs, so I will add a couple of under ground punk songs These bands have members I know quite well and appreciate their effort to write about Houston. Sabine Street Bridge is a song about gentrification in Houston, I relate...
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    Happy 78th Brithday Toto'sDad!

    Happy Birthday TD!
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    Going to the hospital tomorrow. Kinda scared

    While I hate hearing things escalated, I’m glad your resting comfortably in a hospital bed. You’ll get the care you need man!
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    Hot Rods

    this is my “working from home” for the past year project. It’s a 93 Chevy Cheyenne. We added coil over suspension all the way around with big Baer brakes. I had a 350 bored .030 over with a nice cam and added Holley fuel injection. I met a great car guy that’s doing the engine swap for me...
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    Going to the hospital tomorrow. Kinda scared

    When you roll into the hospital and start getting anxious, remember to breath in deep through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth (helps me relax big time) Good vibes man!

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