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    So Why Were You Fired From The Band?

    Oh wow... I got fired once for playing the Popeye Theme song in the lead section of the band leaders favorite original tune. It was worth it though. Got sacked for being drunk and mocking the owner of the club where we gigged weekly. It was worth it though. Got fired from a band so they could...
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    What’s in a name?

    I had a contentious relationship with my mom. Never made peace with her. Saw her one last time in a nursing home after a 30 year void. She was suffering from dementia. JD, Make peace with yourself regarding your relationship with your mom. Don't let it go till it's too late. You just have to...
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    Soul Train Dance Line

    Grew up on that
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    Anatomy of a many a bad pedal review

    This is why I make my own Tone Tools. ; )~
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    Where's The Pocket, anyway?

    I was in the studio last weekend. Played some guitar and lead lines on a bands remake of White Wedding. The drummer and bass player were friggin solid. The drummer was fantastic. I tracked three times. I was lifted by playing over the track these guys laid down. It was IMO some of my best...
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    The Value of Your Guitar/s

    SIDE NOTE: I went into a Music Store yesterday. Talk about sticker shock. WOW .... I was shaking my head the whole time I was in there. Unbelievable. FG
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    Suicide PSA

    SIGH Somebody can project extreme happiness to those around them, then decide to take their leave. No one would have any idea that they would be gone the very next day. The human mind is a mystery. We will probably never figure it out. Condolences for your loss. Sincerely, FG
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    I take back every snarky thing I said about The Eagles w-Vince Gill

    Agree. I saw them and thought Vince is definitely an Eagle. FG
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    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    "We are Monkeys with Money and Guns" Tom Waits
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    NGD Firefly FFJR Les Paul Jr. Copy (Pickup advise?)

    I bought an adapter bezel and dropped a Duncan Mini Humbucker in mine. GFS Hot Load 300K Pots Linear Taper Tone - Audio Taper Volume, 22 Orange Drop. I dont miss the P90.
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    Joe Perry

    Anyone who can put up with Steven Tyler is a Hero in my book.
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    NGD, Teisco

    That looks like it has those Hound Dog Taylor pickups in it. Nice Score
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    The Workplace has become unrecognizable. We have all but given up on trying to enforce any rules at all. Unless they are related to hurting someones feelings.