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  • Hi fender gyrl .24 track has told me much about u.. all good btw .just sayin hello is all
    Hello FenderGyrl how are you? This is Ivan a 20 year old male from Atlanta, GA who likes guitars

    Are you a Nancy Wilson fan? Heart is one of my favorite rock bands. My favorite songs of theirs are Crazy On You, Barracuda, Magic Man and These Dreams. Nancy is one of my favorite guitarists, and I also hold Ann's singing in high regard. Little Queen is my favorite Heart album.
    JCM 900 are a 90's Amp JCM 800 are an 80's amp. I have a JCM 800 1983 model 4104 in white elephant hide tolex 2X12 combo with 2 celestions, but this was an import model with 6550's not EL34's and thought 6550's sounded more like 6L6's. once this amp warms up it sounds unvbeleivable Really warm, sorry that one didnt work out for you. They are out there!!
    thanks for returning the posts and I'm glad your OK!!
    Sorry I didn't want to post this on the page, All the best to you and I hope you are feeling better soon, your symptoms sound very similar to my older brother I wish all the very best with that, Take care of yourself and be strong!! You are smart , funny and brave , Gawd knows we need that around here!!!
    Best of wishes
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    Thank You so much. I'm feeling good. There are a lot of good people on the site, we just need to stay at the forefront and not let the negative people push us aside.
    The Marshall was a bust. A JCM900. Busted Presence Knob. My amp guy told me it is attached to the PCB Board, a very costly repair. Reverb didn't work, the Speaker Cab was trashed. Gain Channel was fizzy. Nice clean channel, but c'mon,I wanted that Vintage Marshall tone! Oh Well...LOL
    Take Care!
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