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    Player, performer or entertainer?

    Hmmm good question. Played in bands for years along with my duo. I make it a habit to smile and get eye contact and move around as much as possible. Have to remind myself to do that though while playing. I see other bands where the musicians are just standing and not really showing much...
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    Pleasant surprise at my first appearance gig.

    Been playing a long time but some of those gigs just stick out sometimes. Now if you could just bottle that....:twisted:
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    Pleasant surprise at my first appearance gig.

    Played a 2 piece gig last night (Friday) first time at a local pub called Wings Etc. Get there plenty early to see what I am dealing with and no one cleared us out a spot to play. No biggie. Moved a couple tables from in front of the giant front window and set my Evolve M50 PA up along with the...
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    I love modern technology.

    HA! Ain't that the truth. Things have really gotten dialed in as far as efficiency on pretty much any musician needs. Got mine down to being packed right in the back seat of my full sized Ford 150. EV 50M PA. my ME70 pedal into that. Guitar. Small case to handle all the cable incidentals and I'm...
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    Things are getting tight out there......

    A lot of great posts. Kind of brings it home what is happening out there. :rolleyes:
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    Things are getting tight out there......

    Great post Arlum. very frustrating. Just a nasty long winded vicious circle we are in.
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    Things are getting tight out there......

    Yep I think you hit it there. Nasty combination. And yes the early start is kind of nice too.
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    Things are getting tight out there......

    YIKES! that's crazy.
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    Things are getting tight out there......

    Man...been playing steady. Played four different places in the last 2 months. People are having fun but after about an hour or two people just kind of filter out. After talking to different people it seems the cost of just hanging out is getting expensive. Still get paid good and even tips are...
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    Am I Overthinking Our Set Lists?

    I just make a set list for what we think the people will like for that venue. I make a set list of maybe 12 songs that we can play with ease and get comfortable. Then tack on an extra few in case we want to do an audible. Start playing what is your strongest so you can get the sound set right...
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    Show us your band’s poster

    Change it up as I see fit. Half the fun. :cool:
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    Show us your band’s poster

    It's a vertical banner. Got tired of poking holes in owners walls LOL
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    Solo Gigs - What Are You Getting Paid?

    Just got out of an 8 year band gig this last December. Don't even miss it! Had enough of playing 3 and 4 times a week. So I went duo with my girlfriend. Now we do every other Fridays at the local watering hole couple miles down the road. Tips only and free dinner and drinks. Average maybe 75...
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    What song do you usually open with?

    As a two piece we start up with Mercury Blues. I have an EV50M with tablet control. Allows me to go out and make quick adjustments to start the night out.
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    Backing track for gigs?

    Little late to the game here. But what the heck. Been doing the Duo with Bass/Drum backing tracks for quite a while. Playing steady and no drama with other musicians. I've had friends ***** because I'm "cheating" LOL life is to short to worry about these unsure musicians who in secret couldn't...