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    Is this decal right?

    not a real custom shop.
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    what´s the "magic 6" on fender amps about?

    listen to @Wally louder is more good when volume is low, boost the eq when the volume is cooking, cut the eq (even down to zero if need be) this is how fender amps work
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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    super reverb reissue and put it in a head cab.
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    Sleeps with the fishes... til, uh, climate change...

    don't worry, we're doing a fine job of that ourselves. or maybe worry.
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    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    contact me for I.B.D.B.C.D.I.I.C.T. bracelets if brook dale bill can do it, I can too.
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    the dissapointment of it all

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    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    *cringe* sure dude.
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    Guitar Center Trade-In Experiences

    just take the time to sell the other guitars. you'll have more money to put towards your new instrument, no need to let GC make easy money off of you.
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    Are necks with circular wood grain stable?

    the wood grain you see is entirely about how it was cut. different cuts of wood reveal different wood patterns. flat sawn is when grain is horizontal, rift sawn is when it's diagonal, and quartersawn is when the wood grain is vertical. long story short, no, this type of wood grain pattern...
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    Classic Vibe 50s Tele - Good Project Guitar?

    imo the beauty of a good squire classic vibe is no mods are needed until they are needed. the great thing about them is you're ready to get to making music.
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    Tuff Dog Tele: Real or fake?

    color looks off and the back should have more figuring.
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    Have i bought a fake?

    normal Fender MiM from that period.
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    At least 65% of guitar players I see are completely unaware of how volume and tone controls work.

    so this is an "old guys ranting" moment and not a teaching moment?
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    3 Amp Heads > 1 Speaker

    has OP made clear that they understand running an amp without a load is going to cause problems?

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