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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    Jeremiah was a bullfrog, dah dah dah Was a good friend of mine....
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    So I need "wife" advice.

    I just did this.... Get a wax ring that is one of the thicker ones. eliminates leak risk. I have a suction thing (like a big syringe with a hose connected to it) an auto tool, great to get residual bowl water out. Consider replacing toilet guts while you've got it apart. part of a...
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    What is Darth Vader's favorite snack? CoooooooooKeeeeeeee
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    conversion to thinline?

    honest question....why is it called a thinline? what is 'thin' about it?
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    AC refrigerant leak in house

    head to hardware store. buy a long dryer vent hose...tape to input end of (electric) leaf blower. commence to blowing...point blower out of door or window. move hose around to suck out the air.
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    Ask Me Anything ...

    At what age were you your most happy? Why?
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    The great mystery of TDPRI... the music behind the posts!

    Good on ya. my skills are quite weak (am drummer, first), and when I press the record button, my guitar confidence is low...resulting in mistakes. so...will try and get at least one tune out in 2022. cheers
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    Sad time for my old friend

    no better friend to have. enjoy these moments you have remaining.
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    Anyone Else Not Give a Rat's Ass About Football?

    yeah, man. not feeling it.
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    Do you write and, if so, do you share it?

    Posted on soundclick, soundcloud, youtube. A lot of self-produced stuff. it's available via Amazon, spotify, etc. Gave a go at developing a following. Since I'm older, my music doesn't gel with most folks. got tired of most play guitar with backing tracks at 10p.m.
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    OTC CBD oil (non-THC) for chronic osteoarthritis pain? Anyone tried it?

    Had an arthritic 15 y.o. dog. could not jump into the van anymore. Gave her dog cbd daily and a few weeks later she was in/out of the car like the old days. So, guessing the dog cbd had a positive effect.
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    best new music you discovered in 2021?

    Really enjoying Jackson Browne's home based recordings. was not really into his music, but during covid stress, it seems to ring true New artist (to me): Rina del Cid
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    Headphone-based practice amps

    look into the Spark amp. use mine every night. love it
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    Tone is in the underpants of the beholder?

    yeah....heads up. I posted this yesterday (great video). mod locked it and said that was the 4th submission. I guess if you're a mod you see all, but less frequent users, it's new. it's an interesting video!