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    Why would Fender refin a 1954 Esquire in 57?

    Not the original neck. Wrong decal, wrong string tree location (and type) – and all the specs on it jive with the date on the heel (which, coincidentally, would have been very easy to confuse with the serial number: 7047 for the serial, and 7-57 for the neck date). It's great how they danced...
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    Anyone else not like Thinlines? Or at least, most of them?

    The guards are hideous. The F holes have potential aesthetically, but combined with that goofy looking guard, they end up seeming gimmicky. Over all, they're ugly guitars, like most of the aesthetic design of that time period (clothing, hairstyles, architecture, automobiles, interior design...
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    What do you dislike about the Telecaster ?

    Pretty much only two things: 1. The master tone control 2. The switching scheme My ideal Telecaster has a tone knob for each pickup, and positions 1 and 2 are just like an Esquire.
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    Why is "Vintage" defined as pre-1974 in this forum???

    Vintage means whatever year (or period) you use it in conjuction with – not something of a set age. Something made this year is 2022 vintage. But the word has been perverted, and is used nebulously just to mean "kind of old, but not really old." It's a pretty much useless term in this use. It...
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    Does such an abomination exist? If not.......

    You'll get quite close to all that with some early G&Ls...and be playing a gorgeous piece of Leo/George/Dale history, and be able to re-sell it for more than you bought it for down the road. You won't get the knobs or the exact pickup orientation you want, but you can check all the other boxes...
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    Seeing a lot of talk about the Elvis movie

    Elvis was by no means the "King of Rock-n-Roll" in my book, but when he was good, he was REALLY F-ING good. He did great songs, his bands were hot, his production was awesome, and he was the man. He's just highly over-credited and overrated by mainstream culture, and he put out a lot of real...
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    Replacement pickups for a G&L ASAT Tribute Bluesboy??

    Worry more about the fret work and the nut first. Invest in a high quality outboard e.q. before starting to drop money on aftermarket pickups.
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    How many Esquires end up getting a neck pickup installed?

    I have not added a neck pickup to either of my three, the oldest of which I have owned since new in 2003. It's a Fender Custom Shop, and it does have a Tele neck pickup rout under the guard. The two I made myself don't even have neck pickup routs. Nor have I ever removed the neck pickup from a...
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    Nitro lacquer vs lacquer?

    What the hell are you talking about? And I mean both paragraphs. Are you responding to the right post? I didn’t read, or quote anything from Wikipedia. And what term has been used since the ‘60s?
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    Nitro lacquer vs lacquer?

    To the OP, you have got almost entirely falsehoods in this thread so far. It's quite staggering, even for the Internet. To me, it seems that after a fairly well established history of Fender specifying what binder is used in their lacquers, that a change to the more generic "lacquer" means two...
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    How well do you think the MIJ guitars stack up against the USA made guitars?

    The AOs are being discontinued in favor of a return to a more vintage accurate line. The old MIJs are constructed well. Their cost reductions happened in the areas of electronics and materials. And the body wood doesn't matter, if you get an opaque finish. That said, They are so jacked up in...
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    What year(s) did Fender release the limited edition Fender Player Telecaster in lake placid Blue ?

    Look inside the various cavities on the guitar. There might be a sticker that has a bar code and other information, including the color name. Or, you can do a serial number inquiry with Fender. They'll tell you the color when they get back to you, along with plenty of other information. LPB has...
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    Any masterbuilt owners here?

    I am surprised by how many posts there are reporting having bought used ones, or dealer spec'd ones in some cases. Why would anyone pay for one of these, and then sell it? Terminal illness is the only thing I can imagine. But if I had paid $10,000 for a tailor made Italian suit, you can bet...
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    Fret levelling or refretting?

    If you're consistently wearing out fewer than half of your frets, you want to do partial re-frets as needed, not leveling or full fret jobs. Leveling takes a ton of perfectly good fret material off, and will eventually make a full re-fret a necessity, sooner than it needs to be. Full fret jobs...
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    Fender American Classic Series (AO Replacement?)

    Apparently, you didn't actually read what I wrote. I hated AO, and bitched about it the whole time, lauding, and collecting eight of, the last generation of AVs...which I am now very happy they have basically returned to.