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    Alnico 12" Jensen (current production) Speakers

    The current reissue does, but the previous one had the P12Q reissue I think.
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    Alnico 12" Jensen (current production) Speakers

    Any experience with the P12Q reissue or with its Weber counterparts? I really liked the reissue but the Blackbird 40 seems to tick all the boxes, heard it has a fuller tone and a tighter low end.
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    Alnico 12" Jensen (current production) Speakers

    Maybe try a pair of the Jensen Blackbird 40? They are only 2 kg each and from what I've read, it's pretty much like a P12Q but with a reinforced magnet. If you're not cranking the amp, two 40W speakers should be fine? Would love to try one in a Tweed amp actually...
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    Difference between a silver face and blackface deluxe reverb?

    I'm not sure when the change happened exactly, but the later SF push-pull Princeton Reverbs I have seen (I had a 1979 and now own a 1981) have a all particle board cab. Very heavy cab.
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    Jupiter 10SC vs Eminence GA10-SC64

    Received the 10SC today. It replaces a Celestion G10 Vintage, by no means a bad speaker, but I'm looking more for a Jensen-style speaker. It's still early days but so far I'm liking the 10SC. It is really touch sensitive and nice and open sounding. Bright but not harsh. From my memory the...
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    Jupiter 10SC vs Eminence GA10-SC64

    Tube-Town is a great store. Guess where I just ordered a 10SC!
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    Jupiter 10SC vs Eminence GA10-SC64

    Thanks y'all! This is my second SF Princeton Reverb after owning one about 7 years ago (and stupidly sold). That amp eventually had a GA10-SC64. A great speaker for sure, very balanced. If I recall both the low end and high end were shaved off a bit, not a bad thing at all. Quite a loud speaker...
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    Jupiter 10SC vs Eminence GA10-SC64

    Who has tried both speakers and can tell about their tonal differences? The specs seem very similar. Looking for a C12NS-style speaker for a Princeton Reverb.
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    Useful Plexi mod: switchable bright cap on volume pot, or switchable treble peaking cap on 470k mixer resistor?

    Thats why a lot of people jumper the channels to get some extra low end from the normal channel. I much prefer the 2.2nF with humbuckers, but can imagine the bigger 22nF might work better with single coils. Also, these amps are best in a loud enviroment where the speakers start working.
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    For those tweed aficionados who have tried/compared them: How does the 5B3, 5C3 and 5D3 compare to the 5E3?

    Here is a nice comparison video. To my surprise, the 5D3 sounds like I've always wanted my 5E3 clone to be.
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    What speaker with Marshall 70's JMP 50w head

    If it's going to be just one speaker, you might like to look at a higher powered speaker such as the Creamback G12M, or if you want a more '80s type of sound, the G12-65.
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    Yes, another Princeton Reverb speaker thread...

    Only have experience using it in a Tweed Harvard amp. Very vintage-y sounding speaker and the bass is definitely not too loose. It definitely would be a great speaker for a Princeton Reverb, but the C10NS looks nice as well. A Google search seems to suggest the C10NS used to be the factory...
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    Yes, another Princeton Reverb speaker thread...

    Interesting, when I do a Google search on C10NS everybody talks about this being the Princeton speaker... apparently, it is!
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    Harvard and Deluxe Builds - My first TDPRI Journal

    Interesting. The Ivy League's OT is 6.6K? I thought the Harvard (and Vibrolux for that matter) used a 8K OT? Or did only the later ones have the latter? EDIT: just looked it up. It seems that Fender initially used a Triad #108 (8K) and from mid 1959, the 125A1A (6.6K)...

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